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Facebook Marketing for many was rough in 2018. With the data breaches, privacy issues, people shutting down their accounts, and the algorithm changes it was tough getting business messages in front of an audience.

However, if you implemented a few key themes your updates may have retained a reach and kept your audience engaged.

Buffer and BuzzSumo conducted a major study to determine the type of content that kept Facebook users captivated. The study combed through 777 million Facebook posts and then took a closer look at the top 500 most popular posts of 2018.

The study found what most marketers know, video is the top performing posting on the site, however the study also dove down into the theme of the content, video, image or otherwise, that produced the best engagement and interaction on the site.


“The number one most successful post on Facebook in 2018 was one from speaker and storyteller, Jay Shetty ,” Buffer elaborates. “Shetty accounts for several of the top 500 posts because he creates content that inspires people. Inspirational content leads to a greater amount of Reactions, comments, and shares, which in turn, leads to greater organic reach.”


With anger, hatred, and nastiness at an all-time high on Social Media, it is no wonder that most people love jokes and memes. Keep them laughing.


Since the beginning of online Social Networking, providing useful, interesting, and informative content is key to keeping an audience around and engaged. Give them something they can use in their lives, practical tips, money saving pointers, time saving tricks, etc.


“These findings are a good reminder that the best performing content still actually offers positivity rather than negativity, hope rather than fear. The results are also a useful checklist for small business owners and marketers.”(Inc.)

For more information or to see more specific updates offering an analysis of successful updates from 2018, see Buffer’s complete write-up on the top 10 posts from 2018.