Content Marketing can deliver results if implemented correctly. But unfortunately most companies don’t have any experience when it comes to creating and distributing content. As a result they make some mistakes which drastically reduce the effects of content marketing. Just by avoiding these minor mistakes you can register tremendous growth in your traffic and sales through content marketing.

Here are the 3 most common content marketing strategy mistakes:

Marketing to the wrong audience: This is one of the most common one. When it comes to audience your content must be laser focused. Think what will happen if you enter a supermarket to buy a packet of milk but the salesman repeatedly persuades you to buy a pack of juice. Most probably you will be annoyed and will leave the place without buying anything. In a similar manner your customers will leave your website if they don’t need your services/products. Try to analyze your audience, their needs and at last answer this question Why people are visiting your website?. Keep your audience in mind before creating content.

Don’t create an advertisement: Content marketing is not about advertising your product . If your content reads like an advertisement then you can be sure it’s not going to be popular among your readers. Your content must provide useful information which your readers are looking for. It must sound more like an editorial and less like an advertisement. I’ve mentioned this before also in my post about content marketing. Copywriters have known this secret and many other advertisers also used this technique of providing information in order to sell their products.

Don’t discontinue marketing: Due to consistent propaganda by vested interests(online marketing companies) many people have started believing that content marketing is the solution to all of your problems. Just you need to publish content and your sales will increase overnight. Total B.S. Content marketing is a marketing strategy which delivers most results when used in tandem with other forms of marketing. Online Marketing agencies are promoting a myth that traditional marketing is no more working. Traditional marketing is pretty much alive and effective although not as much as used to be in the past. So you must use content marketing along with email marketing, advertising if you want to get the maximum results.

I’d like to hear from you what you think on content marketing. Please tell me using comments.