Today, many consumers spend significant amount of time researching for information before they make their purchase decisions. As a result, content marketing has become one of the most important marketing strategies for organizations. The advantages of content marketing are that organizations can build brand loyalty, increase their credibility and engage with their target consumers using valuable and interesting information.

One by one, organizations have been opening their eyes to content marketing and it has almost become impossible to have a great website without content marketing. While many marketers want to get involved, they find it hard to do it on a consistent basis and are met with content marketing challenges. Luckily, we’ve provided solutions for these top 3 obstacles.

Challenge #1: Producing Fresh Content

The essence of content marketing is to produce fresh content on a regular basis; You want to update your website frequently so that consumers come back. However, you may find yourself with writer’s block. How can you keep the creative juices flowing?


  • Interview employees, customers or an expert
  • Cover something newsy – what’s happening in your industry? Add your opinion.
  • Video blogging (Vlogs)
  • Add visuals and infographics
  • Curate valuable content from different websites

Challenge #2: Publishing Targeted Content

Content Marketing Institute reported that the number one challenge marketers face with content marketing is “producing the kind of content that engages prospects and customers.” Creating targeted content is not only important for current customers but for your prospects as well.


  • Answer frequently-asked-questions (FAQs)
  • Provide tips and advice suitable to your audience’s needs
  • Crowdsourcing: ask your audience what they would like to know or what they are interested in for content ideas

Challenge #3: Lack of Time and Money

Time and money goes hand-in-hand – time is money. Publishing original content that is engaging and informative on a regular basis can take a lot of time and money. According to TechValidate, more than 90% of surveyed organizations spend more than 20% of their marketing budget on content marketing, and most marketers plan to raise this budget on content marketing in the near future. So here’s how you can save time writing.


  • User-generated content (See Tim Hortons as an example below)
  • Outsource to third parties
  • Offer guest-blogging opportunities
  • Curate content from others
  • Team-effort writing – every employee must have something to share, whether it’d be a fun picture or a story with a customer.

But wait a minute, how do I outsource to third parties?

Oh, well good question! What tools can you use to help you juggle all these content marketing challenges? Take a look at Atomic Reach! Take some time off your hands and curate fresh, relevant and dynamic content from bloggers who write about the same topic as you. Imagine curating a slew of articles to fill in your content gap. Check out our resource centre to find more information and tips on content marketing.