What is Content Marketing?

Content Marketing is the process of creating great content, promoting that content with a clearly defined objective. The objective could be raising brand awareness, getting more leads or making more sales.

As more and more people turn to Google (and other search engines online) for their day-to-day questions it is imperative that all businesses take advantage of content that answer’s these questions.

Benefits of Content Marketing

  • Imagine the prospect of getting daily customers to your store regardless of where it is located
  • Imagine getting customers from across the globe (Sorry location-based businesses are exempted!)
  • Imagine getting leads without any advertising costs

Don’t imagine any more, with content marketing – all this is possible.

Here is an infographic with some of the best content marketing tips from the pros that will drive more traffic and engagement.


Infographic brought to you by: DigitalVidya

What is Challenging with Content Marketing

  • There is too much content
  • Content is too promotional
  • All hype and no substance
  • Content is just parked; there is no promotion – no shares, no reads, no eyeballs

Interesting Content Marketing Statistics

  • 62% less expensive compared to traditional marketing
  • Produces 3 x many leads compared to its traditional counterpart
  • 90% of Organizations Use Content Marketing
  • Marketers spend 25% of their budget on average on content marketing

A Simple Content Marketing Strategy

Adopt a four-step strategy when it comes to content marketing:

  1. Define your content marketing objective
  2. Create awesome content
  3. Promote content using a checklist
  4. Measure your content’s effectiveness or ROI

In Conclusion

Content marketing as the name suggests has two components; content creation and promotion.

The components that are often misunderstood or neglected are:

  • the objectives
  • target audience and
  • tracking how well the content is meeting its goals.

Once you have a handle of the above you can go forth and produce good quality content on a regular basis to get more leads or sales; whatever your objective may be.