The marketing industry is diverse and ever changing, and one of the easiest ways to stay on top is to read the most relevant and pertinent blogs. There are thousands of marketing blogs out there that focus on different aspects of the marketing industry from optimization, conversion, advertising, and content.

For businesses who blog, content marketing is vital. Here are the top twenty-five content marketing blogs for those businesses.

1. Content Marketing Institute

A vast wealth of articles designed to aid in ‘advancing the practice of content marketing.’

2. Copypressed

Building brands with quality content that will help drive up your conversions, focus your SEO, and more.

3. The Copybot

Having a great idea won’t get you very far with bad writing. This site provides ‘essential writing advice’ by Demian Farnworth, the chief copywriter for Copyblogger.

4. The Content Strategist

This blog offers more than just content marketing tips and advice, but should not be set aside.

5. Bryan Eisenberg

An online marketing pioneer, best-selling author, and professional speaker, Bryan Eisenberg and his brother Jeffrey share their years of experience on their blog.

6. Blog Growth

Founder Mauro D’Andrea shares his five core values to provide ‘Practical detailed advice to increase your online revenues by your blog.’

7. Danny Brown

Manager of the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation, author, and multi-award winning blogger.

8. Traffic Generation Cafe

‘Big traffic ideas for small marketing budgets’ by Ana Hoffman

9. Sparring Mind

This blog focuses on improving your content through behavioral psychology, ‘behavior psychology research on creative work, persuasion, and habits.’

10. SEO Copywriting

Tips, social media writing advice and strategies for creating great web copy by the first agency to ‘focus on SEO content development.’

11. The Sales Lion

‘Empowering people through the power of community’ is the standard of founder Marcus Sheridan. His blog contains inbound and content marketing help, and other important topics.

12. Ross Hudgens

His blog specializes in content development and has experience working with businesses from the smallest to the largest.

13. Kris Roadruck

With a dash of humorous rants, his blog focuses on content marketing tips and SEO.

14. Kikolani

Created by Kristi Hines, she provides ‘blogging tips for personal and professional bloggers.’

15. Hubspot

The upmost authority on inbound marketing, hands down.

16. Inbound Marketing Agents

With a strong focus on unique content creation, this is one blog you don’t want to forget.

17. Post Advertising

Blog articles from around the industry with a strong focus on content marketing.

18. WebInkNow

Marketing and leadership strategies by David Meerman Scott, a marketing strategist and bestselling author.

19. Marketing Interactions

Hosted by Ardath Albee, a B2B marketing strategist, her blog focuses on content marketing strategies.

20. How Soon Is Now

This blog is by Rick Liebling from Y&R New York. He shares his thoughts on the marketing industry, content marketing, and how it affects our culture.

21. IdeaLaunch

This blog uses an ‘idea-led, process-centered, data-driven approach’ to content marketing.

22. Vertical Measures

Read “The Weekly Measure” each week on the top articles regarding content marketing.

23. Vertical Leap

By using content-driven search marketing, Vertical Leap stressed the importance of quality content to bring marketing success.

24. Writing on the Web

‘How to use content marketing to get found, get known, get clients’ by Dr. Patsi Krakoff from The Blog Squad

25. Convince & Convert

The writers at Convince & Convert are ‘social and content accelerators’ who will help you improve your content marketing skills.


No matter where you go, you see how content marketing affects business and customers alike. The more it is talked about, the more it is working. Read these blogs to see different perspectives on content marketing and how you can use them in your own content marketing goals.

Do you have other websites that you go to for content marketing tips? Share them with us.