One of marketing blogs that I used to read and learn a lot from it is Neil’s blog – the Quicksprout blog. I don’t know about you but I always find something new and interesting about how Neil can successfully run his businesses. By that I mean the way he is doing content marketing for his business is great.

Neil is very generous when always offering his content marketing best practices for free. There is a ton of valuable information on his blog. This time, he talked about how we can drive more traffic to our blogs or websites with his hard-earned SEO and content marketing experiences: “7 Essential Ingredients Every SEO Campaign Needs”, “11 SEO Changes that Will Give You Big Results” and “7 Smart Ways to Combine Content Marketing with SEO for More Qualified Search Traffic”. The information packed in these blog posts is so wonderful that I thought it would be great if I share with you in this blog post.

Our team also makes these tactics more visual by putting them together into this presentation that you can use for later reference or to show it to your potential clients, it’s your choice.

Top 15 Content Marketing Tactics to Boost Your Website Traffic and Conversion

  1. Infographics

Neil’s advice is with a lot of infographics there’re around the web today, Gifographics (Gif + infographics) or 3D infographics are what can make you stand out. I second this idea.

  1. Slideshows

This is our opinion as I can see that Slideshare today can drive you a lot of traffic, Scoopit also had a case study about how they can grow their traffic by leveraging the power of Slideshare.

  1. In-depth Articles

Personally, I think long article is great to build your expertise however, always remember to back it up with creative, brilliant images.

  1. Skyscraper Technique

You know what, I think we are using this technique in this blog post. I will let you know the results it can generate for us later (in another blog post I think).

  1. Buyer Personas

Of course, if you don’t know who you are producing content for, how can you successfully address their pain points and convince them to believe that you’re their perfect solution?

  1. Start a Fight

I think this idea is brilliant; who knows it could help you increase your indexed pages and finally boost your traffic? Thanks again, Neil.

  1. Customize Your 404 Error Pages

As Neil said in his blog, TechCrunch has successfully customized their 404 error pages for more search engine traffic. I think this is the same as you use related post recommendation feature on your blog. It helps increase engagement and traffic.

  1. Guest Posting

Guest posting is valuable. By guest posting, you not only drive more traffic but also expose yourself as an expert in the field. In my opinion, if I know someone via an article they wrote on, let’s say Entrepreneur or Forbes, I would likely use their services when the time to come.

  1. Curate Content

You cannot copy other content and put it on your site to drive traffic, but you can use their infographics as an inspiration for your next blog post. This way you can save more time for content creation but still attract more visitors and capture their attention.

  1. Write Content for Wikipedia

The technique Neil said in his blog post is great and honestly, we haven’t tried it but definitely will use it in the future.

  1. Tools over Content

Today is the time of tools as we can find a lot of free tools out there. Tools make our life easier. Moz and Neil offer a lot of free tools for SEO purpose and you should check them out.

  1. Indirect Conversions

Yes, he’s right. Blog is where we build trust and nurture relationship with our prospects and customers. So marketers please keep creating good content for your ideal customers and the rest will come.

  1. Videos

As statistics show:

  • Visitors who view product videos are 85% more likely to buy than visitors who do not.
  • 52% of consumers say that product videos help them make purchase decisions.
  • Brand sites share videos on Facebook 46% of the time.
  • saw 44% increase in their online sale conversions.
  • Videos boost conversions up to 9%.
  • More about these stats can be found at: Online Videos Drive Conversions and Traffic – Video Marketing [Infographic]
  1. Content Length Matters

Long, informative article always has its role in today’s content marketing as it helps your brands establish credibility and build trust. Research shows that content with length about 2,000 words is the best.

  1. More Authors = More Traffic

If you can have multiple authors for your blogs or websites, that would be great as it can increase your search results and encourage social shares from your authors.

More PowerPoint presentations from Catherine Pham

How many of these above tactics you’ve used in your content marketing campaigns? Please share it in the comment section below.

This post first appeared on The Seen blog and is republished with permission.