There is something very special about the content you write for your business, blog, website or any purpose. It clearly introduces you, your business or the message you want to communicate.

In other words, your content expresses you to people who never have been exposed to you or your brand. You can also say it represents you on the web in front of probable prospects.

Hence, it is very important to create and manage such content that can draw user’s attention and is authentic enough. By ‘authentic’ I am pointing towards the originality of the content.

promote your content

If you are not using your own thoughts and words, hardly any purpose is fulfilled for which you have written the content. So, it’s important to trust your own head and hand to jot down the exact thought compiled with the objective of which you are actually writing.

There can be multiple reasons for writing content. Either you are a blogger or a business owner, or marketing professional or similar. A blogger writes content to increase the traffic by their writing style and ideas.

Any business spills their content on the website to ensure that the visitors may get the intended message effectively. It may be about the company or product description, or about the team or anything, but it should be focused to draw more & more visitors.

A marketing manager writes content to promote their brand on different websites. They ensure to deliver such content that can increase their own brand’s visibility via other websites.

But do any of them get successful? Some do get success in addressing and pulling a large chunk of prospects to their brand or website, but others just can’t keep it going. Do you know why?

Leave it; it’s not important to think about strategies that didn’t work out. The important thing is what do those individuals or entities does that they are getting success by promoting their content. How do they actually promote their content?

In the successive part of this article, I am going to list 10 most amazing tips that will help you in increasing your traffic and increase your revenue.

1. Find the Influencers

As a content professional, always make sure to reach the right influencers for promoting your content. Tell these influencers about the topic of your content and request them to contribute to the topic.

Sites such as Buzzstream and Buzzsumo are few of the available tools that can help you find the right influencers. You just have to type the topic and a list of available influencers in the same category will be shown.

You can select what influencer you want to opt for.

In case you own a blog post, include the quote (written by the influencer) in the post and incorporate the link of influencer’s website and social media accounts.

This renders 2 benefits; one is that you and your brand are getting exposed to a totally new audience; secondly, your content becomes more authenticated as it gets an association from a well-known influencer.

2. Encourage Visuals

According to a survey, Facebook posts with images generate more likes than the average posts. Same goes for tweets with images and posts with images on LinkedIn too.

This shows how much visuals are applauded today by the users. So, as a marketing professional, you should always ensure to make your content as visual as possible.

This will surely increase your content visibility to a larger base of customers. For the bloggers, it is my suggestion to not only post the featured image but also separate images for the subheadings.

3. Embrace the Headlines

Whatever content you are writing, its headline is the most important aspect of all. Always remember that when a user first lands on any article of yours or any website page, the first thing he/she will notice the headline.

It is kind of a first impression your brand or blog or business will imprint on the customers.

Smart marketers make a habit of creating multiple titles, in order to test which title is performing better. A method such as A/B split testing is getting more and more popular among the content marketers in the online industry.

For different social networks, different sort of headlines might work. As twitter only provides few words limit for a tweet. On Facebook, you can post a longer content. So, be wise and thoughtful in what sort of content you are posting on what social media networks.

Marketers can also use tools for finding an apt headline for their content.

4. Customize Everything

“When in Rome, do as the Romans do” is an apt quote for this part. Seeing the current trend in content marketing, where every brand is ensuring to add the maximum of alluring images, texts, and allied innovations, you should also customize the platform.

By this I meant that customize your content, your title, description and basically everything depending on what kind of target audience you are focusing and what sort of platform you are using.

Suppose you are using Facebook as a platform to share your content, what will you do?

You will make a stupendous headline; add an alluring image, & a to-the-point description along with relevant hashtags. Hashtags make your content more searchable, which means users can reach your content much easily.

Users, who are on Pinterest, are generally sharing images of their interest. Brands that are doing well on Pinterest ensure to schedule their pins, every now and then.

For helping these businesses to automate their Pinterest activities, some external tools are also available.

Brands should know exactly what sort of medium they are using for sharing the content so as to leave no stone unturned.

It is also important for a brand to know what exactly the right time to share their content is. Suppose, you are a brand owner from Chicago U.S. and you are targeting the Japanese audience.

Since, there is a big mismatch of timings, owing to variegated time zones, so, you have to make sure what time you are sharing the content, in order to match it with the target audience timings.

As it is very important to share the content at the right time, it is equally important to share the content on the right platform too.

Since varied platforms have different kind of purpose and variegated audience, so as a smart marketer, it is utmost required from your side to consider these aspects too.

5. Pay Way

By paying also many brands ensure to promote their content. Each social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram have different payment plans for increasing the brand visibility by sharing the content.

So, if you have not yet opted for this kind of options, you may want to increase your advertising budget, to see the expected results accordingly.

6. Newsletter

All content marketers maintain an email list, to notify the subscribers about any newly published articles or any new offer.

Newsletter subscription is one of the basic and most used ways to promote your content online.

Tips: Companies often rely on automated content, but it is proved that automated ones reduce the customer engagement. So, writing a personalized email is surely time-consuming, but it increases the likeability of customer engagement to the core.

7. Use Google

It is always recommendable for the marketers to introduce their post on the comments in the Google+. For better relevancy, it is advisable to include hashtags along with relevant keywords.

These kinds of promotional activity will increase the reach of your content to a wider audience base.

For including other people in the comment, type a plus (+) and their name. As soon as you start typing after the plus sign a dropdown box will appear. A list of names will be shown.

8. Make use of Communities

For marketers trying to promote their content on every platform that is available, it is highly recommendable to join communities on social media sites.

Alone LinkedIn has more than 2 million communities. Along with this, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and allied platforms are available where brands can share their content.

These kinds of communities are always profitable for the professionals who are looking for a larger pool of customers. One more benefit of sharing content on these communities is that their members are highly active and if the community is relevant to your industry, you are just doing the right advertising.

9. It’s good to Ask

As a marketing professional, you must try something more than just to drop the links. You should always strive in to make sure that your targeted audience is in conversation with you on a constant basis.

Being a blogger or a business owner, always try to engage more and more customers with your content by requesting the feedbacks and asking questions.

Since, we all know that social media is a platform meant for people and not for the business, so, every effort from your side should be to engage more and more people.

10. Personalize Everything

To ensure a strong bond with the customers, it is always advisable to personalize your emails, comments, posts and allied activity.

Whenever you are providing a personal touch with the customers, it is the privilege you are providing them by making them feel special.

Big brands always do personalize their messages and mail to ensure that the customer feels more attached to the business.


Content is still considered as a king because of its driving capability. Users always judge any brand with the kind of content it is sharing, be it video content, textual content or audio content.

Marketers who are looking for sharing their content and getting more customer engagement just have to adopt the above-mentioned tips.

For the sharing and promotion part, professionals should always think like the consumers and then write the relevant content accordingly.

Keep sharing your content in an apt way and look for more customer engagement.