Summer break starts in precisely 1 hour and 17 minutes. As much as I adore my kids and can’t wait to enjoy some lazy summer days with them (until it gets too hot and nobody even wants to open the door to let the dogs out), it does mean that, as a work-from-home content strategist and writer, my world is about to be turned upside down. In light of that — and because I know other work-from-home parents need a laugh right now, too — here are the top 10 ways you can expect summer vacation to affect my working environment:

  1. All video conferences — and all phone calls, for that matter — are likely to be interrupted by cries of “He’s looking at me!”; “He got to pick the last show!”; “Who ate all the popsicles?”; and, my personal favorite, “I’m borrrrreedddd!”
  2. Video calls may also have a backdrop of tweens running amuck — not to mention dogs chasing said tweens. Possible distractions may also include sticky fingers or a wet dog tongue coming into unexpected contact with the screen.
  3. Said tweens in the background may or may not be wearing what could be considered proper office attire. Shirts for the boys are a bonus, and don’t even think about shoes.
  4. Some of my work will be done at poolside — and, depending on the time of day, with a fruity beverage in my hand.
  5. There may be more typos than usual. I try; really I do…because typos are from hell and are not welcome in my content. But between the latest trendy tween show blasting from the TV, some shoot-em-up game blaring from the Xbox, and the dogs barking at all the kids who are outside playing…yeah, typos may happen.
  6. If my computer drops offline during a call or chat, it probably just got taken out by an errant water balloon. Or perhaps the latest batch of slime.
  7. I may take more bathroom breaks than usual because it’s the only time between the end of May and early August that I get to be by myself.
  8. You might not be able to actually see me during a video call due to some unknown substance covering up the camera on my computer. I wish I could say that my kids were showing concern for my privacy, but the truth is that my kids are just — kids.
  9. There will be a day in early August when I am incommunicado because I’m just sitting here and breathing in the silence.

Summers are awesome. But they’re also different. Thank you for adapting with me!

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