Using content recommendation tools is a great way to improve your site metrics, including your overall page views, visit duration and bounce rate. The right content recommendation tool will keep more people on your site and for longer, which can help you raise your overall search rankings and attract even more visitors.

There are dozens of tools you can use for the job. Here are the top 10 content recommendation tools for 2016 that you should consider for your site:

1. In-tag

In-tag is an innovative content discovery tool from CodeFuel that relies on user intent signals to recommend the right content for each visitor. The algorithm allows the tool to position content automatically so that it will be seen by the right customers at the right time.

The tool works a little differently than some other content recommendation tools since it places the content automatically on the page, rather than showing a list of recommended pages. You can use In-tag to either recommend your own content for more page views or to recommend other content for revenue generation.

2. Biz Sugar

Biz Sugar allows users to share content in an online community. The site is focused around topics relevant to the small business community. Each of the recommended articles is rated by the community, which can provide greater visibility for the sites that produce high-quality content.

3. NewsCred

NewsCred is a larger platform that helps you manage multiple aspects of your content marketing, including content recommendation. The software allows you to publish and monitor your content, giving you insights to help you get better results. At the same time, it allows you to manage content recommendations to get more people to stay on your site longer.

4. Klout

Impacting the world of content for almost 10 years, Klout not only suggests fresh shareable content to your users, but it also creates content aimed to strike a chord with friends, fans and followers alike. It caters to the specialist, the enthusiast and the entrepreneur and even offers a tracking system that delivers a social influencer score.

5. Curata CCS

Curata CCS is most often thought of as a content-curation tool, but you can just as easily use it for content recommendation. Of course, you’ll have to find the content yourself and share it manually, but you can find great content thanks to the large network. You can also use the tool to get greater brand recognition by sharing your own content.

6. Add This

Add This offers personalized content recommendations which aspire to increase your click through rate by up to 50%, compared to regular recommendations. They aim to boost on-site engagement by using a variety of simple tools referencing what’s trending, popular and relevant.

7. limk

limk is a related content widget that helps you discover and recommend useful content. The widget is enabled for mobile, as well, and it can help you grow your audience when used appropriately.

8. Matched Content from Google

Last year, Google introduced Matched Content for AdSense, which recommends contextual content. You just add the code to your site like you would an AdSense unit, and Google does the rest.

9. Yahoo!

Yahoo! is always following in its more popular brother’s footsteps, and it is now offering a content recommendation tool that is linked to its ad program. Yahoo Recommends aims to help recirculate your older content so that you can get more hits and maybe even go viral. Though if you go viral on Yahoo! does that mean it’s real?

10. Optimalya

Optimalya is a content recommendation marketplace that brings together numerous recommendation tools in one location. You can choose one tool or a variety of tools to get the best results for your site. You can also read what others have to say about the tools so you know that you are getting the best option for your particular site and your particular goals.

Content recommendation is a great way to grow your site by increasing your visitors, your page views and your visit times. You can increase your search rankings for long-term results, and you can increase the revenue you get from ads, depending on how you use the tools.

We recommend that you start with In-tag to optimize the process with our automatic placement of links and personalized content recommendations. However, you may also want to combine In-tag with some of these other tools to get even more exposure.

You can also combine the use of In-tag with some of CodeFuel’s other products, such as our advertising platform. You’ll get the most return for your investment, and you’ll start meeting your goals for revenue and engagement this year. Explore our site to learn more about our many tools.