Tools for a Great Content Strategy

If you’re new to the world of online content, discovering how to form content and write effective strategy may seem out of your grasp. Never fear, the Internet is here! Along with a wide variety of tips and blogs to learn from, there also come tools to improve strategy for everyone, from the novice to the experienced writer. Wouldn’t it be great to have something or someone else help you plan and strategize your content? You don’t have to go at it alone. Content should be interesting to your audience, and they should be able to take something away from it after reading it. Valuable content will go far for your readers and keep them coming back for more. But how do you make sure what you provide the audience is useful?

Understanding Content Strategy
When you don’t understand something, how can you describe it? Just to be sure the words “content strategy” are clearly understood, here is a simple explanation: it is the use of content to achieve the goals of a company, organization, or even an individual. Without a good content plan, nothing will be accomplished but a lot of hot air. Think about that person you know who just rambles. Bad content strategy, or lack of, is like that person. Full of hot air, nothing but lots of empty words and artificial intelligence. Do people want to read your content? Is it relevant? According to Ben Staley, the link between content and audience participation is ensuring it is something they want to actually read, according to Search Engine Watch. More content doesn’t necessarily mean a larger audience but rather quality content will be the basis for success.

Tools for Creating Amazing Content
Let’s face it, you may be a great writer or have a strong writing team but there will come a time when ideas dry up. This happens frequently and is commonly referred to as writer’s block amongst those creating the content. Some days it is next to impossible to find a topic that doesn’t already exist. Utilizing online tools for these days is not a cop-out and it certainly doesn’t mean you can’t think of new topics. It simply means you understand brain dead days and want to plan ahead. One of the top tools for creating a routine in your writing can be found at SEO Gadget.

Not only will this generator give you strong words and a workable plan, but it can keep you on track which means every week you’ll have a plan. You can work ahead and even change the topics to keep up with trending events. The simple tool of planning in an online setting can also provide you with the necessary means to share the topics with your team or other writers.

Using Online Tools in the Content Process
There is a tool for almost everything these days and content creation is no exception. Here are three tools any author can use to improve their content delivery. From planning to implementing, tracking to sharing, choosing from these tools is a choice that you can make to make life easier and your content stronger:

1) Swayy
Content should follow the audience, not the other way around, and Swayy realizes this. Based on specific interests, you can create content. After all, who doesn’t want content that is relevant to their life at that current time. Use Swayy to discover blogs, news, videos, and infographics that will be of interest to the audiences and off of that information, you can create content. Not only can you find the right topics but you can have the ability to track their success.

2) Newsle
If you ever want to know what is being generated about a topic, person, contact, or even yourself, this is the tool to use. It combs the web, over 1 million articles each day to find connections and information that will aid you in your business and content strategies.

3) Pocket
Keep the articles and content you want to read in your grasp with this app. It’s frustrating to find a great article, get interrupted, and lose the tab or your internet connection. This app lets you save it in your pocket for a later time. On any device, even without an internet connection, you can read the informational pieces to brainstorm and learn about amazing content.

Content Done Right
Proper planning and results tracking are two of the biggest challenges facing content writers of any experience level. Content is meaningless unless it can be proven to be effective, and without the proper tools, you’ll never know if what you’re writing is reaching the targeted audience. Use the tools within your reach to track and improve your online presence or to come up with new and engaging ideas to grow your current audience.