Local businesses sometimes struggle to continually update their business website. Sometimes they are at a loss of what type of content to add next. Other times they feel they overuse information, and find it difficult to find something new or fresh to write about. But as long as you’re continually updating your local business website with some kind of quality content, you’re doing just fine, and are doing more than many other local businesses out there.

Always talk to your audience when providing content.

Unique content is always great when wanting to have quality content on your site. Also, make sure you write as if you’re talking to an audience. Your content shouldn’t be written for a machine, but for humans. It’s hard to believe, but another kind of quality content is educational content. People really do like to learn, more than you’d think. As long as the content is new and fresh, updating the content on your local business site should be easy.

Provide content as it relates to products and services your audience is looking for.

When writing quality content, always keep your audience in mind. Yes, as before, you’re writing to real people, not machines. Even so, there’s more to consider when writing for your audience. Those who purchase products or services from your local business website probably only purchase and have purchased products in the same genre, so to speak, of what they normally purchase. Thus, it’s wise to consider what it is your audience is mainly interested in when purchasing, and provide quality content for that audience that relates to the products and services they’re purchasing and looking for.

There are some things you should stay away from when creating content, and other times there are some things you may need to provide on occasion that you normally don’t include.

Certain types of words and phrases can be a ‘turn off’.

When it comes to using words and phrases, there are some that are out dated and receive a more negative response than they used to; cutting edge, first class, next generation, easy to use, and flexible to name a few. These words were overused and seen everywhere, so they’ve, in a sense, lost the meaning and “umph.” It’s as if those words have become untrustworthy, and people just ignore them when seen.

Provide content that speaks to credibility and ‘proof’.

Some things that many don’t include in content unless absolutely necessary are credits, facts, graphs, awards, and so forth. But some people want more proof than just what you have to say. Including any of these, as well as any testimonials or statistics will help convince an audience that what you’re saying about certain content and products is true. They aren’t always necessary, but sometimes you should include these to help back up the truth about your content or product.

One final thing that should be considered is the way you use your words. Many people used to advertise and provide content by using clever words and phrases as descriptions and for details. At first, many enjoy the cleverness, but people soon came to realize that the cleverness could be ambiguous, making the content and information unclear. They felt they were being lied to and tricked into purchasing products.

In a nutshell, if you’re clear about what it is you’re selling and have to offer, people will be more apt to consider purchasing. Always speak to your audience, be selective in the words you use and don’t use, include proof to build your credibility, and don’t try to trick your audience when considering content for your local business website. Good luck!

For more information about this topic, refer to “25 Website ‘Must Haves’ of a Great Business Website” from HubSpot.

Author Chris Marentis is an expert in the field of local business internet marketing and is the CEO and founder of Surefire Social.