Australia kangaroo beachAnything we can do, the Australians probably did first. Not only are these people incredibly hilarious and engaging, but they’re always ahead of the curve. A recent study released on February 25, 2013 shows that Australians are adopting content marketing quicker than brands both here in the United States and in the UK.

According to the study by Content Marketing Institute, 96% of marketing teams in Australia use content marketing. Out of those teams, 61% have planned to increase their content marketing budget. Crikey, mates, that’s a lot!

Aussie Rules for Content Marketing

The latest research from Australia shows that Australian marketers use an average of at least 12 different online content mediums. These tactics include:

  • Content on their websites
  • Social media
  • eNewsletters
  • Case studies
  • Videos
  • Research Reports
  • White Pages
  • Infographics
  • Mobile Apps
  • Podcasts
  • eBooks

Not only do Australians use more types of content, they use more of them as well. Indeed, Aussies have always embraced the idea of going big. In the US and the UK, we tend to be nuanced and detail oriented. The Aussie carefree way of life naturally leads to a focus on the big in big picture.

Big, however, doesn’t necessarily mean big volume. It can be a big idea. Big price tag. Big production. Big imagination.

For instance, the Australian-based coffeemakers Ice Break recently engaged in a big advertising campaign. Who would have ever thought that the world’s fastest moving couch or a motorized toilet would be used to advertise…coffee?! Mundane items moving at record breaking speeds gained Ice Break a huge audience. Check out the video here. Remember, going big doesn’t have to cost big bikkies. It’s all about the idea!

Be Consistent, Mate

Australians may have a carefree way of life, but that doesn’t mean that they’re not responsible. In fact, they’re some of the most consistent and reliable people on the planet – and their marketing reflects that! Recently, Coke Zero Australia took on a year-long video campaign. The idea was to spread 30 Coke Zero Challenge videos on YouTube throughout the course of the year.

Aside from consistently timing the release of videos, Coke Zero Australia had to focus on consistency in tone and theme of the videos. Furthermore, the marketing team worked to ensure that the videos would still be relevant after the campaign ended. Since the videos were humorous and sports-based in nature, they still receive thousands of views on YouTube.

Thirty videos is a lot to commit to. If Coke Zero had dropped the ball on one video, it would have reflected poorly on the campaign. Consistency is king.

Cut the Rubbish

Remember, consumers trust recommendations from family and friends more than they’ll trust any advertising campaign. This is exactly why Australian marketers focus more on real people and avoid corporate heads or talking points in their marketing efforts. Check out Air New Zealand, where they created a series of vignettes called The Kiwi Sceptics.

In these videos, real people get tricked into visiting the most beautiful locations in New Zealand. What resonates with audiences are the real reactions of Australians as they embark on these surprising journeys. The element of surprise is something no actor can recreate.

Don’t Be a Bludger and Get on Board!

We all know that staying on the front edge of content creation and marketing are keys to gaining exposure for our brand. Staying on the front edge includes investing in content marketing before competitors. Instead of learning from the Australians, why not market like they do and take advantage of their online leadership?

Remember, going big, staying consistent, and being authentic can be time consuming parts of the marketing and content creation process. If you’re interested in marketing like the Aussies but have no idea where or how to start, check out our previous article on why you should use a writing service to beef up your campaign.

Although he’s British, Richard Branson (founder and chairman of Virgin Group) has very Australian business method. He explains, “I get the best people, I ask questions, and then I say, ‘Let’s have some fun.’” Mates, if anything has ever summarized the way Australians do things, it’s fun.

Is your marketing fun? If so, let us know how below!