If you want to get a better conversion rate from your website, you have to have an effective CTA. Whether you want increased signups, more sales, or more website traffic, your CTA is key. There are numerous reasons people aren’t purchasing from your website or reading your newsletter. However, the first reason probably has something to do with your CTA. Therefore, today I am providing you with a few tips for creating a more effective CTA for a better ROI.

Contextualize Your CTA

Your CTA needs to be attractive, useful, and fun to receive the best ROI. Anyone can tell someone to do something, but why should they listen when they do not see the value in it. Therefore, I suggest providing details to your readers so they can know where the CTA leads to and why it would benefit them.

Make Your CTA Grab Attention

Remember when I told you that the CTA has to be fun. This is exactly how you grab reader’s attention. It is okay to use bright colors, attractive fonts, and bizarre designs. You want to make sure that it does not fit in with the rest of the text, so readers don’t miss it. CTAs that are in color are sure to grab a reader’s attention and they are more inclined to see where this attention-grabbing text leads.

Keep Your CTA Relevant

Once you have caught your reader’s attention with your CTA, you have to make sure that it is relevant to what they are looking for. Does it provide them with a story or answer their questions? For example, instead of saying “Buy Now” say, “Buy Now for a Limited Time for $50”. You have already caught their attention with the flashy text, but when you tell them that it is a limited time offer of $50, it lets them know this is urgent, how much they need to pay for the item, and that when they click on the CTA they will be lead to an order page. The CTA may be short, but it is short and to the point, which is exactly what you need to boost your ROI.

Use Directional Cues

Your CTA is perfect, but you have to put in a little extra legwork to ensure that your readers will find it and take action.  All of the elements on your site should point to your CTA, which helps readers see that it is important. You want their attention constantly being pulled towards it, so they minimize time searching the website and forget why they were originally directed there. Directional cues could be something as simple as inserting an image that leads to the CTA or having the CTA provided in a header.

These four tips that I have shared with you today will help you get a better ROI from your CTA. As long as you are leading your readers to an effective CTA there is no way that you can go wrong. Just make sure it stands out and provides them with a sense of urgency and you could see a boost in your ROI by the end of the next couple of weeks.