content marketingI have been a firm believer in content marketing and I do believe it is a great way to create marketing information that has a longer shelf life than traditional advertising messages. It is a great way to keep information relevant through organic search. However, could the content marketing landscape be changing? Unfortunately change is inevitable.

Enter the age of mobile…We are in it as we speak. People do not like lots of content. There is so much content and most of it is not relevant. This is the age we are in. People are frustrated and very impatient. Marketers like myself are trying to organize content in a way which will cut down on the negative comments regarding content.

Here is what I am learning through this process:

  • Make content more accessible. Place the information that most of your clients need toward the beginning of our website. Home page is always the goal.
  • Make sure you post information regarding contact information of specific people. Many people are turned off by main numbers and general emails
  • Try adding some online forms to collect information regarding accounts or orders. No one has time to download a .pdf file or download an excel spreadsheet to input information into.
  • Cut down on the number of menus and tabs if possible. (This is a hard one.)
  • Consider consolidating articles into a .pdf file or tell people you can have certain information emailed to them, or better yet setup a form that when filled out, the client is able to access their document.
  • Continue to maintain a blog site, but consider adding different forms of media like images and videos and cut down on the amount of words in each article. Articles over 700 words are too long on mobile devices.
  • Consider adding a newsletter that clients can download and read at their convenience.
  • Watch your number of links on a page. Too many links may result in clients getting lost with respect to accessing data on their mobile devices.
  • Aim for more simple content and simple actions. (Too many times we confuse the people who access our sites.)

Okay – I will stop here! Don’t want this article to get too long. Lots of information here to consider with respect to content marketing.

Picture Source: Pixabay