According to the Content Marketing Institute’s (CMI) “2016 Benchmarks, Budgets and Trends—North America” report, B2B engagement picmarketers continue to be heavily focused on creating engaging content. In fact, 72 percent of marketers surveyed by CMI claimed it’s their top priority for 2016.

So, what exactly is engaging content?
That is, what kind of content should teams be producing to attract and, more importantly, retain readers? And how can content then convert those readers into repeat customers and loyal brand advocates?

Here are three types of content that I believe are truly engaging, which you and your team can begin creating, or at the very least start considering, today:

Commentary pieces

A huge challenge that content marketers face today involves reinventing the wheel—that is, finding a way to continually angle the same familiar subjects. I get it, it’s difficult. Try sitting down with a member of your company’s C-suite, a subject matter expert, or someone from a specific department and have him or her comment on a topic at hand. Beefing up content with original commentary provides unbelievable added value; it bolsters your organization’s level of thought leadership and provides truly original substance to your content. If you’re looking to maximize your content marketing budget, you can even record the interview and repurpose it as a podcast that lives on your website.

Impact pieces

Simply put, rather than trying to inundate your blog with “tips and tricks” style blogs, craft major pieces of content that aim to attract high levels of attention. There are a number of different approaches one can take to do this. For example, make these pieces stand out by reporting on groundbreaking occurrences which are happening in real-time. For instance, consider how Oreo expertly capitalized on the 2013 Super Bowl power outage via social media; its real-time tweet “You can still dunk in the dark,” got retweeted over 16,000 times. Now that’s promoting brand awareness. Oreo’s brilliant blackout tweet shows that when a well-timed impact piece is produced, unbelievable results follow.

Philanthropic pieces

As I wrote in a previous article, 81 percent of executives recently surveyed by Fortune Knowledge Group and Gyro agreed that companies which are successful at building long-term relationships connect their beliefs to how they conduct business. So, perhaps you might want to consider producing content around a cause that is near and dear to your organization’s heart. These pieces of content not only surround highly discussed and shareable subjects, but they reinforce what your company believes in and stands for. For instance, October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, National Bullying Prevention Month, and National Domestic Violence Awareness Month.

Ready to start creating some truly engaging content? There is truly an endless amount of ways you can go about the process—the choice is yours!