property-companies-contentIt’s easy to assume that content has no place in the property industry. After all, people only want to look at the local properties on offer, or information on how they can sell/let their own place, right? Wrong!

What about the man who wants to sell but can’t do so for six months? He’ll be out there researching potential estate agents, looking for advice on how to best market his property and generally looking for advice on the matter. Or the woman who knows she’ll need to rent her house out soon, but isn’t sure how to go about finding the right tenant?

If your site doesn’t answer their questions, they may be less likely to turn to your brand when they actually require a letting or sales service, or indeed want to find somewhere in which to live.

Some property companies have already recognised this and are creating valuable, high-quality content. Not only will this content increase their authority and help them become the go-to brands for their respective services, but also drive traffic into their site for months to come. Let’s take a look at some of the property brands rocking content…

Prime Location

As soon as you land on the Prime Location homepage, boom – its how-to-guides smack you in the face. Of course, the usual search functions remain at the top (after all, you shouldn’t alienate the people who are there solely to find a property), but those who just need information are given equal attention.

PrimeLocation snip

Split into four sections (‘buying’, ‘renting’, ‘selling’ and ‘international guides’), the pieces cover almost every question you could think of to ask. From securing mortgages for foreign properties, to top tips on buying homes at auction, all the basics are covered. Prime Location goes further than just answering the questions it should, though – with in-depth guides to European destinations, niche pieces on buying golf homes and checklists for those who are emigrating, the brand really caters to all facets of its audience.

Knight Frank

Recognising that your content marketing efforts shouldn’t be limited to your KnightFrank_snipwebsite, Knight Frank has created some solid social media pages to support its online marketing. With a fun, engaging Pinterest page and a YouTube page full of really interesting videos, the brand is really leading the way in its industry.

The Pinterest page offers a board for everyone – from ‘equestrian properties’ and ‘islands’, to ‘wine cellars’ and ‘London properties’ – whilst the YouTube page even features an interview with Boris Johnson! Beyond that, the videos encompass interviews with Knight Frank’s graduate trainees, virtual tours around luxury apartments and studies into international wealth.

The Bainbridge Companies

The Bainbridge Companies own and develop luxury apartment communities throughout the eastern parts of the USA. Although not a household name in Britain, the brand is a firm fixture in America and more than doubled its non-paid web traffic after embarking on an ambitious content marketing strategy.

Instead of reaching out to its mass market audience, it created content-led communities for each of its apartment complexes. These consist of blogs and social media pages, which contain content about the local area, tips on taking trips to nearby places and even guidance on recycling. The main point of these communities is to allow people to interact and to create/share content that’s truly useful to the complexes’ residents. Within a year of launching this strategy, traffic into the companies’ property websites grew by 67 per cent. Plus, the quality of its visitors improved too – with the people coming into its community sites much more likely to convert than those heading to its main promotional website. Bainbridge Companies’ president, Adam Japko, claimed that the “highly personalised, real-time communication” really helps residents and in itself has given the company a “unique advantage” over its competitors.

Thanks to Prime Location and Knight Frank for the images



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