Content marketing has considerably changed over the course of the past few years as more consumers use mobile devices to access media. This shift has made organizations rethink their strategy in order to service the growing amount of mobile viewers. With social media and websites alongside traditional advertisements, businesses are beginning to reach out more to connect directly with their customers. As both mobile and online marketing continue to evolve, trends are changing as well. Here are a few of the biggest content marketing movements that are expected to occur in 2014:

1. Bigger focus on the user
One of the biggest challenges that many organizations face is tailoring their content to match viewer values and interests. However, 2014 may show a larger effort being made to engage the audience on various platforms. This means including polls and responding to any criticisms or questions presented across the social media platforms. Businesses may start investing more in this area in order to provide enhanced interfaces while also using analytics tools to better optimize their content. By creating consumer-centric material, it will significantly boost customer satisfaction, which may be reflected in the overall profitability of the company.

2. More social media
Although social networking has been notoriously unpredictable concerning ROI, by investing more into a solid strategy, businesses can market to the audience and begin to see results. Organizations must consider which platforms their consumers are a part of, and tailor the content to each network’s capabilities. According to the Content Marketing Institute, more companies are beginning to measure their success online based on customer acquisition, Web traffic, lead generation, sharing statistics and overall brand awareness. Much of the content can center around industry trends, company characteristics and profiles of the decision makers, which allow the viewers to understand the mission and values of the organization.

3. Video to become prominent
While many businesses are putting their focus into Facebook and Twitter, video content marketing is expected to grow significantly in 2014. According to a recent survey by ReelSeo, 84 percent of respondents noted using video as part of their marketing strategy, an additional 68 percent of which have produced testimonial videos. A quarter of individuals noted using more than 50 videos while 65 percent confirmed intentions to use 10 or more throughout this year. Because videos are easier and less expensive to make, more organizations are becoming interested in using the media for their own benefits.

“Though we’ve got just about all that we can out of the likes of infographics, the mainstream emergence of apps such as Vine [sic] and even Snapchat is somewhere things are looking to grow – which is especially great for marketers who rely on visual media to connect with their audiences,” Business 2 Community contributor Andrew Jessop wrote. “To add to this, many agencies are beginning to realize that video marketing isn’t as expensive as it used to be, and if done right, it can be sent and well received through almost any channel.”

Content marketing is shifting significantly in 2014 and organizations must be prepared for the change. By using business phone systems, companies can better reach out to their audience and deliver quality services. To find out more about these offerings and more, visit Fonality today.

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