Recently, we asked our network on LinkedIn what they thought constituted a top quality content marketing blog.

So, if you’re searching Google looking for a good content marketing blog then a couple of blogs you definitely want to keep your eye on are Seth Godin’s and Copyblogger’s

Seth Godin’s blog is a favourite for me, because he seems to be committed to simply getting something really interesting out and in circulation without giving too much thought to calls to action or what he will get in return.

He will get a return on his blog content, however, because Google loves contextual original content and ranks you highly for it.

Seth obviously understands that contextual content will be indexed by Google and so lots of contextual content will have a positive impact on how he appears in SERPS (What are SERPS? Search Engine Result Pages. What does that mean? It means that, if you hear the name “Seth Godin” and you Google it, then the masses of content that has been created and shared with the name “Seth Godin” will aid the search engine in finding content related to Seth. Therefore, Seth Godin is really easy to find, digitally, and, when you do find him, you may also find his content really enjoyable.

As a marketer operating online, unless there are special reasons why you would want to fly below the radar, it’s probably a good idea that you can be found easily online. After all, isn’t the proof of your ability in the actual doing and getting results?

The enjoyable thing about Seth’s content is that it is not obviously formulaic. He keeps it interesting. It certainly comes across as genuine and the lengths of his published blogs do vary, which indicates that he says what he wants to share at the time, rather than trying to force the content – there is so much content out there and so many people writing that it is refreshing to have actual thoughts whether they are groundbreaking epiphonies or simple musings – I much prefer this to someone trying to hook me the with tactics.

But, it is tactical. Of course it is. It is marketing after all, but the lack of obvious formula ( if there is any) keeps it fresh and it does seem spontaneous. Copyblogger definitely pride themselves on not publishing what they call “bland and corporate crap”. Copyblogger describe themselves as follows:

“Since January 2006, Copyblogger has been teaching people how to create killer online content. Not bland corporate crap created to fill up a company webpage.Valuable information that attracts attention, drives traffic, and builds your business.”

The layout of the Copyblogger blog is nice. It uses clear and colourful images and they go for a variation of content presentation using mediums like Slideshare to mix it up a little, whereas Seth really just sticks to basic text.

If you’re interested in Seth Godin and you like Copyblogger’s stuff, then here is a mixture of the two – yep! It’s Copyblogger doing the best of Seth Godin