Valentine’s Day is just a day away, and while some of us will have a special someone to cozy up to, I started thinking about the smaller things in life I really love: chocolate, my cat (Chandler Bing), LulaRoe Butter Leggings, the silky taste of a good Pinot Noir…I could go on.

But then I started thinking about work and what I love here at SnapApp. The people are amazing, Wednesday lunches are always on point, and everyone is driven by the mission to empower fellow marketers.

We want our customers to create and explore engaging, dynamic content that builds strong relationships and turns ideas into incredible outcomes. During our webinar yesterday we discussed Interactive Content Types for Everyone to Love.

The goal was to show our audience how to include an interactive piece of content into a current campaign, how it can double your content and extend the life of your campaign, and that there are multiple, unique SnapApps to use all throughout the buyer’s journey. While we discussed multiple types in the webinar, let’s take a look at the three SnapApps I love the most.


I’m a huge fan of surveys. Whenever there’s an awards show, Glamour sends an email within the next couple days highlighting the outfits and surveying the readers for who was “best-dressed.” Surveys are a great way to engage an audience in the awareness stage of their journey.

They can be used to poll an audience on the topic of your choice and you can even choose to display the results at the end. This is a great asset to layer in when you want to spark an interest in your audience and let them know what your product is all about.


Who doesn’t love quizzes? Buzzfeed has stolen hours of my life just so I can find out what decade I should really live in, which Harry Potter character I should marry, or what my spirit animal is (and just in case you were curious: the 20’s, Ron Weasley, and a wolf). Students at Emerson College have even started using quizzes to engage their fellow classmates.

When your buyer is in the consideration stage of the journey, they’re nearing the end of their research and have usually narrowed it down to 2-3 vendors. Quizzes can be a fun way to test the buyer’s knowledge of your company and/or product, and you can re-address that you have what they need.


Math is definitely not my strongest suit. I avoided calculus like the plague in high school and never invested in a real graphing calculator. However, the calculators that customers can make through SnapApp are one of my favorite things, and a powerful asset to have in the purchase stage.

Calculators are customized to answer questions based on what your product can deliver. Pardot says this is the perfect stage to get brand specific with your content and really drive home why your company and product are the best.

In the webinar, we highlighted a customer who created a SnapApp that did exactly that. Avere Systems made an incredible calculator that showed customers how much their product can save an organization in their cloud-computing costs.


While these are my three favorite interactive content types, you should check out all the others available at SnapApp and watch our webinar. Interactive content won’t break your heart, and you’ll love how much more content you can create, and how much longer the life of your campaign can be.