Author Rank – An Important Ranking Factor

What is Author Rank?

“Ranking search results based on the reputation of the author is what author rank is about. This is based on the fact that “great content comes from great authors“. So if you are a reputed author, your reputation can clearly help the website you contribute to.” — Devan Thakur, Author Rank: Ten things you should start doing right now

This quote is spot on, and really captures what Author Rank is all about. In essence, Author Rank is a way of building up and capitalizing on your reputation as an author. Author Rank is also one of the factors that are used to rank a page in the SERPs. It’s not touted as a major influence yet, but it looks like it could be one day.

Why Does Author Rank Matter?

Author Rank does more than just help your content rank well; it can also help identify you as the original author of your content (and thus penalize someone who is duplicating your content without your permission). When combined with social signals your connection with your content can really help take it to the next level.

SEO & Credibility – Why They Belong Together

SEO and credibility go hand in hand with each complimenting the other. When you master your SEO, your website has better chances of appearing higher up on the SERPs. When someone sees your website on Page One of their results, in their mind you automatically have a certain amount of implied credibility. After they have visited your website and taken a look at your content, this implied credibility is either confirmed or denied. If someone follows your link and likes what they see, they may continue to browse your site, file the information from your site away in their memory, leave, etc. If they see something that doesn’t support their initial impression that your site is credible, they will likely backtrack to their search results and try again.

It’s all about making a good impression and fostering a positive impression of yourself.

What Does All of This Have to Do With Content Marketing?

Author Rank, reputation, SEO, and credibility all come together to have an incredible amount of influence on the success of your content marketing efforts. Throw a little social media influence into the mix and you have a recipe that can result in some really fabulous rankings. Handle things right and you can use these things to get your content noticed by millions of people all around the world, depending on your subject matter and the relative size of your niche or course. This combination is at the heart of real content marketing success. It’s all about working behind the scenes as well as in the spotlight!

What do you think?

How important do you think Author Rank is to the success of your content?