The world of content marketing has exploded in the last few years! It’s incredible how many options there are for companies that want to establish or extend their online presence.

Early adopters of content marketing have already seen a huge ROI through various techniques. Most major corporations have even introduced a VP of Content Marketing or hired quite a few outside staff to get their content done.

Around here we like to play the If I had a million dollars game. It’s one of the many tools we use to decide the value of a new marketing idea. You see – I’m full of ideas. I bring something new to the table on a weekly basis. That means my business partner, Laura has her hands full keeping me in line. She holds the purse strings. I hope you have a similar balance of power and optimism in your office.

Anyway, back to the game. The way it starts is I share an idea. It could be television commercials, a huge new SaaS purchase or some other marketing tactic. Then, I talk about it on a HUGE scale – as if I had a million dollars.

The point is, if you wouldn’t do something if you had a million dollars you probably shouldn’t do it at all. And if the idea doesn’t make sense for a million dollar company, it shouldn’t make sense for you.


Because I firmly believe that (like a lot of things) content marketing (in all its splendor and awesomeness) is exactly the same at the Fortune 500 level or the 250k/year level. The only thing that changes is the budget.

So while the implementation might need to be scaled – the process shouldn’t.

For example, television commercials would have been really dumb for our company. And even though we could have done it within our marketing budget thanks to Google ads… it just doesn’t fly for our demographic.

That’s why content writing services are so pivotal to modern business. Unless you have a marketing budget over a couple 100k, you won’t be able to afford an in-house team. Does that mean you should give up on content marketing? Heck no!

You just have to find a way to use the same process on a smaller budget.

Remember I am talking about the process of content marketing. That means throwing up a bunch of crappy content won’t help. The big bad panda told us that.

And it won’t do you any good to just have a static site and forget content marketing altogether – the Google Caffeine Update says “shame, shame” on that idea.

Don’t forget that Build My Rank just got Hosed so anyone out there buying content for crappy links or purchasing links outright should beware.

So what’s a company to do? If you had a million dollars you would invest in content marketing. Whether that was with Ivy League analysts or a legion of writers. You would make sure that someone (like a VP of Content Marketing) delved into your branding and knew your audience profiles. That person would lead the charge of extending your presence online through various content types.

Guess what? You don’t have a million dollars.

Instead, you need to hire a content writing service that provides the content you so desperately need to compete online. And it doesn’t hurt if in addition to knowing your target market, they know about your whole business.

Stop compartmentalizing each step of your marketing – it just doesn’t have to be that way. You can find content writing services that can help build a marketing plan. Or, you can hire an internet marketing agency that has a solid in-house writing team.

Based on your budget, the amount of time you have to put into your content marketing and the amount of online industry savvy you have – there are a lot of options. Here are my preferences for you. Full disclosure: I do run one of these companies but not all of them, if that helps.

# 1 You want someone to do EVERYthing for you from start to finish and you have the budget to make it happen. In this case – I’d go whole heartedly for Portent Interactive. They are lead by Ian Lurie who is someone I have admired from afar for a long time. In short, he’s awesome sauce. They can do PPC, SEO, everything. And considering Ian’s quality driven marketing you can be sure his writers are equally as awesome.

# 2 You know exactly what you want and you know all the answers about content marketing. You just don’t have the time to get all your ideas on paper. In this case you should go with or These companies employ thousands of writers and editors. I like to think of them as short order cooks for content. They won’t get to know you or your brand overtime…but if you don’t need help in that arena then by all means, go for it.

# 3 You want to hire a straight professional. Someone who has written copy in your industry at a top of the line price and has been published numerous times. You aren’t worried about relying on one person, and in fact a single person sounds like a good thing to you. In that case, I’d check out Great service and I can recommend them without any reservation.

# 4 The last option I am going to suggest is, of course, my company. is a group of young, ambitious writers who have a solid grasp of modern marketing. This means I personally get to spend my days learning all about the latest trends in our industry. And my writers get the benefit of being a much bigger part of the process than just short order cooks. We aren’t dirt cheap, but we aren’t charging top dollar either. If those qualities are important to you then obviously I would suggest us!

Content writing services are about more than just your blogs, it’s about bridging the gap in your content marketing. And the best news is, there are new companies popping up all the time. I promise you, in this highly saturated industry you can find the absolute perfect company for you! And that’s the reason behind content writing services!