Two Are Better Than One

I heard a story that Charles Osgood told of two ladies who lived in the same convalescent home.

The ladies had each suffered a stroke which left them incapacitated in different ways.

The one woman named Margaret was left with her left side restricted. The other woman Ruth was left with her right side restricted.

But these women had something else in common besides being stroke victims.
You see, both of these ladies were accomplished pianists.

But because of their strokes, that had pretty much given up hope of playing again.

That is until one day the director of the convalescent home had an idea.

The director sat both of the ladies down at the same piano. The director then encouraged them both to play their solo pieces together.

And when they did the result was a unique and beautiful collaborative composition.

The best thing about this is that the result not only produced beautiful music, but it produced a beautiful friendship.

This story isn’t just a great story, it’s also reveals a key form of content creation that you should be using in your content marketing.

This form of content creation is what I call “content collaboration.”

It’s a type of content creation that I’ve used over and over again as a powerful form of content marketing.

Let me give you two examples of how I’ve used “content collaboration.”

Two Examples Of How I Use “Content Collaboration”

1. My two ebooks “How Your Business Can Survive And Prosper In A Recession

I interviewed 38 top business, sales and marketing experts and was able to get them to share the methods they’d use to survive – and even prosper – in a recession.

By gathering all of their unique perspectives and experiences, the end result was better than any one of us could have produced on our own.

The ebooks are a better product because of this fact, but they also are content marketing because they help promote each contributor and their products and services.

2. My new “business magazine” styled website called

I quietly launched this site in April, but I’ve been steadily adding content (459 posts and growing) and building traffic.

For this website, I use “content collaboration” in these 3 ways:

What you need to understand is that creating content in this way is not a cop-out or short cut. The content that is created actually produces a unique synergy that couldn’t be attained without it.

The Benefits Of ”Content Collaboration”: There are many benefits, but let me share with you just 3 of the benefits gained from this synergy:

  • The experts who participate by contributing or being interviewed get free exposure
  • Other blogs that I curate content from get free traffic
  • The content “consumers” get a more diverse array of content to help them solve their problems

The Lesson Learned From Bees

Did you know that on a hot day the temperature in a bee hive is 10 degrees cooler than it is on the outside?

How is that possible? It’s because about half of the bees stay in the hive beating the air with their wings. Because of those beating wings, the temperature inside the hive remains cooler than outside.

(Bonus fact: The bees rotate duties so that the bees that cool the hive one day are the ones that gather honey the next day.)

Think of your website as your hive.

When you use “content collaboration” within your hive it will change the atmosphere there.

When you use the contribution of a group of others working together you will achieve different results than those on the “outside.”

You will catapult yourself and all who you’ve invited into your hive to a whole new level.

Photo by Vince Alongi