I’ve found myself saying it after reading a web site or landing page, after a search. What do I say?

“So what?”

These are the words you don’t want your visitors to say when they read your content. If they say it, then you didn’t do your job in writing something persuasive enough to get a different response.

The response you want is:

“That’s exactly what I need. Where do I get that product? How do I find out more about it?”

That’s when you hit them with a closing call-to-action (CTA) and get them to download your demo, opt-in to your list or whatever else you want them to do.

Getting More “I Want It”

To get more people wanting more from your content, just remember a few things:

1. Write for people – Although you may want to stuff in keywords for search rankings, content for people converts – not for robots.

2. Understand who you’re writing for – Have a conversation with your audience and write for them. Put together a persona that you’re trying to reach and write for them and only them.

3. Use persuasive copywriting – Not every writer knows how to persuade a person to do something. To really tug at the emotional buying strings, be sure to use direct response copywriting techniques, for maximum results.

Test Your Content For “So What”

If you read your content and you say so what after you read it, you better get to writing it till it compels you to want more. Then, you will do the same to those you’re trying to sell your product or service to.