The New York Times best-seller, Made to Stick – contain a model on sticky ideas. I share because is it a perfect model for content marketing professionals. Want to create compelling content? Ensure it adheres to these principles.

Here are the Made to Stick Principles, which follow the acronym SUCCESS:

  • S- Simple
    Find the essence of the idea. (Southwest is THE low-fare airline.) Less is more.
  • U – Unexpected
    To get attention, do the unexpected. Appeal to curiosity by asking questions. “What are Saturn’s rings made of?
  • C – Concrete
    Paint a mental picture. (This is why story-telling is so powerful.) Use sensory C – language.
  • C- Credible
    Use outside experts or anti-authorities. This is why every business needs to compile a list of the top 12 thought leaders in their industry.
  • E- Emotional
    People care about people, not numbers. Appeal to the person using What’s In It for You.
  • S – Stories
    As the authors say, “stories drive action through stimulation (what to do) and inspiration (the motivation to do it) Story-telling is immensely powerful in B2B demand generation.

Leverage the SUCCESS model in content marketing and watch the results. Please let me know how it goes.