RSS for Content Writing ManagementIf you read Wikipedia, you will learn that RSS is a type of web aggregator that sends content in the form of a feed to whatever tool you use to read this content. RSS is a convenient tool for those of us who consume a lot of content from the web, but the question is, what benefit does it have for companies involved in content writing management? RSS can help a website develop backlinks, provide an easy access point to your content for clients, and help your content get indexed quickly by major search engines.

1. The Importance of RSS for Backlinking

Backlinks  are internet hyperlinks that link from other websites back to your site. Backlinks can increase traffic to your site and help boost your ranking in search engines. Building backlinks is a valuable part of any content writing management strategy. When you setup an RSS feed, that automatically creates backlinks for every article in the feed back to your site, in effect, doubling the benefit of each of your RSS articles. A word of warning: how backlinks are rated in search engines is also dependent on their relevance and value, so be sure that articles and keywords accurately represent the content and services you offer. has an excellent article, The Importance of Backlinks, that does a good job identifying what makes a good backlink and what to be wary of.

2. The Importance of RSS for Convenience

The convenience of reading content through an RSS feed benefits not just the reader but also the company. If your content is convenient for your clients, they are much more likely to consume it. And in content writing management, convenience has the obvious benefit of getting information out to clients that may lead them to buy more products and services from you. It also gives clients another way to link to your site and share your site on their own social networks. Many RSS readers make it very easy to tweet or like an article on Twitter or Facebook. In SEO strategy, having quality, relevant content is going to be one of the best long-term strategies for marketing your site. And of course, happy customers are always good for business.

3. The Importance of RSS for Web Crawlers

Modern search engines rely heavily on web crawlers: small pieces of internet-based software that troll the waters of the internet looking for content. Web crawlers are ever exploring the web and indexing its content. RSS provides structure that allows feeds to be cached more quickly by web crawlers, thus indexing your content more quickly and helping to build your site’s status with search engines. This is an aid for any content writing management strategy.

In the world of content writing management, RSS feeds are a powerful tool to help build your company’s SEO strategy and deliver quality content to current and potential clients. So, if you have not already set up RSS for your content, now is as good a time as ever. And in your approach to RSS delivery, be sure to use relevant and valuable content that will create quality backlinks and hopefully create more conversions from visitors to your site.