The Disturbing Truth About Writing Marketing Crap Speak (An Infographic)

It’s been going on for years. It was how I learned. It was how everyone learned. At first I told myself that it was just my job, and that it was the only style the bosses would let me write. It was what they wanted. It was the only the copy they would approve.

The empty suits who reviewed my writing added “edits” or “suggestions” that made the copy even more stunningly crappy. Their deft ability to suck the life out of any writing was breath taking.

No one else said anything. After “reviewing” it many said they thought it was good, or even great. Maybe, I thought, it was just me, and everyone else knew better. Maybe it was okay. Maybe I wasn’t REALLY hurting anyone else. After awhile I almost believed it.

However, in my heart of hearts I always knew better, but I was afraid to speak up. That stops here.

I will no longer stand quietly by and allow my silence to condone such a barbarous practice on the innocent.

I refuse to write marketing crap speak and pretend that other people ever actually read the self-indulgent, insipid, corporate jargon infused crap marketing copy the bosses love.

Today I take a stand. Today I take the pledge to stop killing unicorns. I will tell my boss I will not kill another unicorn by writing marketing crap speak. Today the slaughter stops. Today no more unicorn blood on my hands.

Join me. Take the pledge. Only you can stop the killing.