This week on the Magnet Minute, Amy takes a look at an infographic from Salesforce regarding the state of content marketing in 2013, providing insights along the way.

The infographic contains a lot of really interesting information about how powerful content marketing is, but there were a few specific stats that really caught our eye.

One such stat is that having a blog on a website — and updating it with new information — gives that site a 434% increase in indexed pages, as well as a 97% increase in indexed links. This is a big eye opener for businesses who understand that content marketing is important when it comes to communicating with an audience, but haven’t really considered how heavily it impacts search rankings. Something like a blog helps your website remain consistently relevant.

When articles posted to a site incorporate an image, they experience a 94% increase in views. This is a huge testament to the importance of multimedia within your content. It adds instant visual appeal to your content. We’re living in a very visual world, so not only do you need a great headline, but you also need an image that helps tell the story and gets people interested in reading more.

The infographic also tells that 91% of B2B and 86% of B2C marketers are using content marketing.

Here’s what this all comes down to: people want information in ways that make sense, and are convenient, to them. Marketers and others are becoming increasingly aware that blogging, social media, and other types of content marketing are not just fads, but that they represent a fundamental shift in the way we’re all communicating with each other. Content marketing allows you a chance to get into the minds of your audience.

Content marketing is a solid plan for your business, not just for today, but for the long run.