There are lots of times when creative finish artwork before the content is ready. Whether in print or the web, all hail Lorem Ipsum to save the day! And no, before you ask its not gobble-dee-gook, its Latin folks. Place filling with text like this is fantastic for two reasons; of course it helps with balancing design and layout but it can also help give the copy or content provider an idea of the number of words required.

Lorem ipsum has been part of my typesetting tool kit for many years so I was delighted to find Cupcake ipsum recently as a great alternative to place fill with cake and biscuit love. A quick search and there are a few others out there, 17 in all that are great alternatives to the standard text. We’ve all had a bit of fun with these in the office – there’s some rude ones, be warned!

Here’s a round up of the best of the generators out there that we could find.

1. Cupcake Lorem Ipsum

Cupcake Lorem Ipsum

Jelly powder chocolate cake sugar plum tootsie roll chupa chups wafer cake. Lemon drops marzipan cookie oat cake chupa chups brownie. Marzipan jelly-o cake brownie croissant muffin. Croissant chupa chups lemon drops sugar plum applicake cheesecake. Candy jelly gingerbread faworki. Dessert brownie muffin tiramisu. Applicake candy dragée.

2. Veggie Lorem Ipsum

Veggie Lorem Ipsum

Veggies sunt bona vobis, proinde vos postulo esse magis wakame black-eyed pea mustard cress broccoli rabe dandelion sea lettuce celtuce cauliflower melon spring onion cucumber courgette lentil.

3. Vegan Lorem Ipsum

Vegan Lorem Ipsum

Ulluco mung bean fiddlehead okra yam indian pea leek chicory arugula lima bean bitter gourd, lagos bologi. Swede lotus root beetroot elephant garlic. Lotus root winter purslane urad bean lentil garden rocket okra prussian asparagus beet greens. Summer purslane welsh onion, paracress samphire, orache radish bitter melon – onion leaves. Cucumber prairie turnip horse gram endive pigeon pea paracress fluted pumpkin.

4. Bacon Lorem Ipsum

Bacon Lorem Ipsum

Short ribs turkey speck, jerky biltong tongue bacon shank beef ribs short loin shankle filet mignon. Drumstick cow pork chop, shank shoulder pancetta shankle spare ribs tail flank sausage beef meatball t-bone sirloin. Brisket meatloaf pork jowl tail, turducken ground round sausage capicola. Chuck ham hock short loin pork chop, shoulder rump t-bone filet mignon drumstick flank pork hamburger speck frankfurter.

5. Tuna Lorem Ipsum

Tuna Lorem Ipsum

Char Mexican golden trout anglerfish. Milkfish; lined sole Russian sturgeon lenok duckbill eel Death Valley pupfish. Bocaccio Sacramento blackfish cepalin shortnose sucker trumpeter barbeled houndshark yellowbanded perch. Giant gourami, ocean sunfish eucla cod slender mola trunkfish, lake whitefish viperfish john dory, Pacific salmon shell-ear chum salmon; swordtail?

6. Beer Lorem Ipsum

Beer Lorem Ipsum

cask conditioned ale seidel, brewpub reinheitsgebot oxidized. brewpub lauter tun wit dextrin sparge bright beer. wheat beer glass ale specific gravity bittering hops pitching abv amber brew autolysis. gravity dry stout additive bung. filter, alpha acid secondary fermentation chocolate malt; mash tun!

7. Liquor Ipsum Lorem

Liquor Lorem Ipsum

Irish mist batida jack and coke cosmopolitan pepe lopez. V.o. brackla irish flag johnny walker red. Ginza mary stolichnaya gin sling dewar’s scotch whisky usher’s royal bermuda cocktail tom and jerry, mannochmore, paralyzer singapore sling; piscola. Dailuaine angel’s tit glen garioch zurracapote fettercairn old grand dad canadian club vodka gimlet.

8. Gangsta Lorem Ipsum

Gangsta Lorem Ipsum
Lorizzle ipsum dolor sizzle amizzle, gangsta adipiscing elit. Check out this sapien velizzle, aliquet volutpizzle, yo quizzle, shizznit pot, ma nizzle. Pellentesque bling bling tortizzle. Sizzle erizzle. Break it down izzle dolizzle dapibus turpis tempizzle ass. Mauris pellentesque nibh pizzle turpizzle. Vestibulum rizzle tortor. Pellentesque black sure nizzle. In hac check out this platea dictumst. Shiznit dapibizzle. Curabitizzle tellus urna, pretizzle fo shizzle, mattizzle rizzle, eleifend vitae, nunc. Dang shut the shizzle up. Integizzle semper break yo neck, yall sed uhuh … yih!.

9. Monty Python and the Holy Grail Lorem ipsum

Monty Python Lorem Ipsum

You don’t frighten us, English pig-dogs! Go and boil your bottoms, sons of a silly person! I blow my nose at you, so-called Ah-thoor Keeng, you and all your silly English K-n-n-n-n-n-n-n-niggits! Burn her! What do you mean? Well, Mercia’s a temperate zone!

10. Swear Ipsum Lorem

Swear Lorem Ipsum

Too rude to include an excerpt!

11. Hill Billy Lorem Ipsum

Hill-billy Lorem Ipsum

Fancy tractor lament barrel overalls dirty pappy sam-hell commencin’ driveway bankrupt. Put trespassin’ round-up boobtube frontporch fuss stumped has hauled. Nothin’ smokin’ skinned hoosegow hobo give. Her liar tired, co-op weren’t preacher tornado fence damn chew fixin’. Old, ignorant beer wash coonskin chew wash. Hogjowls hold cain’t hardware horse gospel tractor kinfolk, down.

12. Hairy Ipsum Lorem

Hairy Lorem Ipsum

Fu manchu el snort worn with distinction? Arcu nigel mansell Semi beard, sweat irrigator, cesar romero nigel mansell elit village people Semi beard gunslinger middle eastern despot arcu? Don’t panic Semi beard et sodales …

13. T’ipsum Lorem (Yorkshire)

T'ipsum lorem

Wacken thi sen up that’s champion dolor dahn t’coil oil face like a slapped arse where’s tha bin. Adipiscing tha what. Curabitur ey up ey up t’foot o’ our stairs vivamus how much. That’s champion bobbar t’ big girl’s blouse nisi velit a pint ‘o mild metus, ah’ll gi’ thi summat to rooer abaht t’foot o’ our stairs dahn t’coil oil orci et by ‘eck bloomin’ ‘eck shurrup nobbut

14. Comic Ipsum Lorem

Comic Lorem Ipsum

Princess python, mephisto plastic lad vulcan mark raxton franklin richards agent zero shrinking violet shaman justin hammer! Atom girl danny cooper lee; warlock black mamba, dreamcatcher. Tara archangel betty brant firebird piledriver deathlok liz sherman silver surfer ultragirl enid richards batgirl, punisher havok.

15. Space Ipsum Lorem

Space Lorem Ipsum

It has been said that astronomy is a humbling and character-building experience. There is perhaps no better demonstration of the folly of human conceits than this distant image of our tiny world. To me, it underscores our responsibility to deal more kindly with one another, and to preserve and cherish the pale blue dot, the only home we’ve ever known.

16. Dalek Lorem Ipsum

Dalek Lorem Ipsum

The Supreme Dalek Bad Wolf Hello sweetie Bad Wolf Donna Noble Bad Wolf MY VISION IS IMPAIRED! Skaro Rude and not ginger Bring the Humans to me I hereby invoke The Shadow Proclamation! River Song You will be exterminated! YOU WILL OBEY! Reverse the polarity of the positron flow The Silence is Coming! Cult of Skaro Bad Wolf RUN! The angels have the phone box Dalekanium Rory the Roman Spoilers! The Shadow Proclamation Davros wibbly-wobbly timey-wimey It’s bigger on the inside! Rude and not ginger Are you my mummy?

And finally my all time favourite…

17. Samuel L Jackson

Samuel L Jackson Lorem Ipsum

You think water moves fast? You should see ice. It moves like it has a mind. Like it knows it killed the world once and got a taste for murder. After the avalanche, it took us a week to climb out. Now, I don’t know exactly when we turned on each other, but I know that seven of us survived the slide… and only five made it out. Now we took an oath, that I’m breaking now. We said we’d say it was the snow that killed the other two, but it wasn’t. Nature is lethal but it doesn’t hold a candle to man.