One of the great myths of internet marketing is that once you’ve built it, you can set it and forget it. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Everything that you do as a business owner with an internet presence should be focused on improving sales – or improving conversions. In the digital marketing world, the surest way to lose customers is to ignore them. If you don’t update your website, if you don’t talk back on social media, and if you don’t use e-mail to actually build a relationship – you will fail.

Remember, it's supposed to be a dialogue and not an announcement.

Remember, it’s supposed to be a dialogue and not an announcement.

At its core, digital marketing is all about communication. However, you can’t listen with your ears. You have to listen with your data. You’ve been trained all your life to understand body language, timing, and tone in a physical conversation. With internet marketing, you have to set up experiments to find the right combination of message, timing, tone, and look.

Therefore, it’s important to have a long-term road map of which things you want to test. You could easily spend six months focusing on improving your e-mail performance. You could easily spend 30 days to try and prove your SEO performance.  If you can try and improve both, you should improve both, obviously. But you can’t do it all at once. You need a road map.

Need a worksheet to help you get started? Click here for a free Excel starter kit.

Keep in mind that as you build your digital marketing experiment road map, you should always examine your assumptions. Remember, you are not your audience. There may be things that you think are important to have, such as a lot of pictures or imagery in your e-mails, that are actually keeping people from clicking through to purchase your product. If you think your assumptions are getting in the way, it’s important to take a step back and get the impartial data to help you make better decisions.

 The last thing you should keep in mind as you start to experiment is that you don’t have to start big. You can make small changes with your online marketing – and the small changes can have huge impacts. You would be surprised at some examples of small changes that have driven significant increases in sales:

  • Changing your e-mail from [email protected] to a person’s name like [email protected]
  • Sending your email in the morning instead of the afternoon
  • Changing the navigation on your website to include a home button
  • Reducing the amount of images on a webpage or an e-mail
  • Using one color for buy now button instead of another

Don’t be afraid to get out there and learn how to improve your dialogue. It’s what a great relationship is all about.