The internet has changed the way we buy everything whether it’s for business or personal use, and we no longer wait for sales people to send us information. Instead, we now use Google and other search engines to research what we’re thinking about and find out how other people have satisfied their needs.

A personal example of this is I recently realised I trust Tripadvisor, when it comes to making decisions on where to stay when on holiday or where to eat out, over and above any well-known travel company. If you haven’t heard of Tripadvisor it’s a site that allows anyone to share their own personal experiences on places they’ve visited around the world. I read these reviews from good experiences to not so good experiences and make an informed decision based on what feels right for me based on what I want from my trip.

This is an example of change in one buyer’s behaviour, and I am not alone. In the old days, I’d have relied on a travel book and asked people I knew, or even friends of friends. I still do this, however, with the greatest will in world, I would never have had access to More than 75 million travel reviews and opinions from travelers around the world using these traditional methods and would never be able to search at such a specific level like, for example, ‘What’s the best area to stay in in Barcelona?’ Instantly you have many reviews and opinions of local business owners, residents, travellers… you get the picture.

The people, it appears, have a voice, and more and more of us are voicing our thoughts and experiences by sharing our information on the web and many of us are now using the information to make informed decisions to help satisfy our needs.

The information we put on the web is called ‘content’. The sharing of content will only increase and, if we want to reach the people who are searching on the web to satisfy a need, then the content we create should be content that they will find while searching on Google and other search engines.

For example, if I was an hotelier or restaurateur then I would be very interested in sharing interesting and informative content on the exciting surroundings of the area around my business. I would, on a daily basis, if possible, share colourful high res photographs and videos of all the interesting things that were going on both in and around my business. This means people researching where to stay in Barcelona will find my interesting and informative content and this seriously increases the possibility they’ll read more of what I have shared and follow links back to my website and take up a room offer with me because they know I know what they’re interested in.

Get it? (If you don’t there’s loads of info on our website )

Tech companies need to do this for their potential clientele. Technology may not be Barcelona on a hot and balmy summer’s night, but it is still as exciting and full of untold possibilities. If you want to engage your prospects out there on the web then share as much interesting and informative content as you can.

Share your content. Show others what’s happening around you, and invite them in to your website to see that what you offer is exciting and satisfies their needs.

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