Tips for Targeted Content Promotion Fall

Think back to the last piece of content your brand created. In planning out your strategy for that content, you likely considered What, Why, Where and How you were going to produce and promote it.

However, did you think about the content’s When?

The time of year you publish your content can make or break how relevant it is to the audiences you intend to reach.

For example, August marks the start of back-to-school season in the United States and many other countries. TV and radio commercials tout back-to-school sales, magazine articles trend toward school features, and children avoid the topic at all costs.

If your organization’s products or services directly align with this topic– for instance, textbook sales or private schooling – then any news you distribute likely will be relevant.

However, if your organization isn’t a natural fit, you still may have content that could fit neatly within the conversations already happening around the topic of education. In those cases — such as a bank providing school loan tips or a company starting an educational scholarship — the time to promote your content is now.

Sending out content organically relevant to the topics being discussed in the news and on social media is colloquially called “newsjacking.”

Used properly, newsjacking can boost the visibility of your content because when people are already searching for a specific topic, sharing content related to that topic drives more attention to your organization.

The key is figuring out how specific you want to get with your news’ angle and distribution.

Take the example of education news. Although there are benefits to positioning your content and its promotion so that it reaches a mainstream audience interested in general education topics, you may find that your message stands out better if it takes a more precise approach.

A couple niches to consider within the larger realm of education include:

  • Homeschooling: Because homeschool programs’ curriculum and structure can differ from traditional K-12 schools, the needs of homeschoolers and their families are often unique. Research and keep these needs in mind if you decide to target your content to journalists and influencers who cover homeschooling. Promoting your content within this sector can better position you to build brand awareness with homeschooling families and drive consumers to your owned media.
  • College Students: In addition to mainstream news sites and social media, many college students can be reached directly through the student-run newspapers and broadcast networks on their campuses. Disregarding this facet of the education media can cause you to miss out on a very valuable demographic.

If your content isn’t relevant to the education industry, perhaps another topic would be a better fit. With the election campaigns of many presidential hopefuls gathering steam, politics may be a good match.

Similar to education, there are a number of audiences you can target with political content, from the media covering political news, to the public consuming it and politicians making it. You can also concentrate your content promotion on one of the specific issues that arise during debates including:

  • Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT): With the Supreme Court decision at the end of June and Caitlyn Jenner’s prominence in recent months, targeting the LGBT population with relevant content continues to be timely.
  • Climate Change: Although climate change is a topic that makes headlines year-round, it will likely dominate the news this Fall as December’s United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP21/CMP11) approaches. This niche topic can be narrowed down even further to address alternative energy methods such as solar and wind, or the Congressional committees focused on global warming and energy independence.

When considering creating content to fit popular themes in the current news cycle, be smart by being relevant.

Content that fits in seamlessly is recommended. If you have to shoehorn your content to fit a theme, your efforts could either provide you no benefit at all, or worse, reflect poorly on your organization.

There are a lot of moving parts when it comes to promoting content. Understanding the nuts and bolts is essential to getting it right time and again. Read more tips by downloading our Quick & Easy Guide to Sharing Your News Release with the World.