Content Marketing Mascot

Most people in business seem to understand that content marketing is one of those things that is necessary for people if they wish to succeed and to bring their businesses to the next level. You may be doing many things that are helping your to succeed; however, it may be time to examine what you are doing and to identify any mistakes that you are making with your content marketing campaign.

The importance of content marketing

No matter what type of business you own and no matter what you are selling, the fact is that content marketing is essential to your success and it will get you there much more quickly than not including it would. The content that you use in your content marketing campaign is the bridge that you will use to connect with your target audience. Without your target audience, exactly who will you see your products and/or services to? It is important to remember that it isn’t enough to merely write top-quality content. You need to tell people about what you are offering and what you stand for and after you have done that, you have to get people to not only read what you have written but you also need them to tell people whom they know and trust about what you are doing as well as how your products and/or services will make their lives better and more productive.

When it comes to your content marketing campaign, it is probably time that you take a good, hard look at what you are doing and identify exactly what needs to change and what is working well for your business. If you are doing some things that you shouldn’t be doing because they are hurting your business more than helping it, it is time to fix the situation. After all, you want to make tremendous progress and you won’t be able to do that if parts of your content marketing campaign are holding you back.

Not writing thorough enough content: Your content should really be a good balance between communicating clearly and concisely and offering enough information so that the reader feels satisfied but not beaten over the head with what you are trying to share with him or her. The purpose of your content is educational, informative, valuable, and compelling. If you offer too little, you will not able to give the reader what he or she needs and that means that you will not be able to communicate clearly how you can solve the other person’s problems. Never forget “WIIFM? (What’s In It For Me?)” On the other hand, you also want to be careful about not giving your readers too much content. Too much content often means that the reader will not be able to absorb any content at all and you certainly don’t want that.

Not making your content easy to share: The “sharability” element is critical to your success. If you find that your content is not easily sharable, there are several relatively simple things that you can do to ensure that your content can be shared easily by your readers. Some of the ways that you can accomplish this are by including the graphic element (this will ensure that your content is visually appealing and valuable, include user-friendly buttons that make it so simple for your readers to share your content with people they know, etc.

Not ensuring that your content is letter perfect: Grammatical errors in content are more serious than you know. They scream at the reader that you don’t care enough about your business to make sure that what you are communicating to other people. They also say that you, as a business person (and as a person) don’t have the ability to offer top-quality work. The bottom line is that no matter what, make sure that your content is error free each and every time.

Gearing your content to your business instead of to your target audience: This goes back to the WIIFM concept. No matter how wonderful you and your business are and no matter how vast your knowledge is, it doesn’t matter if you can’t solve the other person’s problems. It must always be about the other person. Your content should never be about you and your business. When you first start to interact with other people online, you are hoping to build a relationship with the other person. Before you can actually call it a relationship, you need to build trust, credibility, and you need to be considered a subject matter expert in your niche. If you accomplish those things, your content should automatically reflect that approach. Your audience members will notice and will thank you for it.

You aren’t appealing to the other person as though they are the only person who is important to you: No matter how may relationships you have with your online connections, you owe it to each one of those connections to make them believe that they are the only person who is important to you. You must make each person feel as though you are speaking only with him or her. It will make a tremendous difference to the reaction that you get from the other person.


Now is the time to take a good, hard look at the content that you are working with. Make sure that you come with a critical, honest eye so that you can determine what is working well and what needs to be fixed (or adjusted) right away for much better results. It is also important to do your homework and to include a call-to-action in your content so that your readers have a way of interacting with you. One last thing to remember is that you must always keep your content fresh and exciting. Nobody but nobody likes to keep reading the same content over and over again. It is just too boring!