Content is king! At least that’s what we’ve been hearing these past several years or so. It’s no secret that having a lot of good content is absolutely necessary for the success of inbound, nurture, and outbound marketing efforts, and in many ways Marketing Automation has afforded us new abilities to analyze how our target audiences are interacting with the content we are providing.

It’s easy enough to set up and track our marketing campaigns to tell us which pieces of content drive the most revenue. This type of analysis is a game-changer for marketing departments, but it still relies on quite of bit of “trial-and-error effort” to arrive at certain conclusions. That kind of effort costs time and money, and while it needs to be an ongoing part of your marketing efforts, consider a simple addition to your content development process; one that cuts out the guesswork: ask.

What better way to find out what your target audience wants to be wooed by then to ask them? It’s the beginning of a new year, why not reach out to your marketing base for its opinion on what’s important?

Aside from the obvious benefits of having your leads tell you precisely what they want, campaigns of this nature go a long way in softening the relationship you have with your database. By reaching out to specifically acknowledge that you are sensitive to their needs, you can give them a sense of the level of care they can expect to receive if they become (or remain) a client. You’re proving that your company is committed to adding value, not just getting their business. “I’m listening,” goes a lot further with prospects than “Listen to me.”

So as you head into the new year excited to execute new marketing campaigns, before you begin to devise your content strategy, save yourself a few steps and ask your marketing database what they expect to see from you in their inbox this year. Your marketing metrics as well as your company’s bottom line will thank you for it.