Article marketing is the most effective way to market online. Your audience reach is very related and trust building comes hand and hand with article writing. We have all heard of this type of marketing, or we should have, but have you ever known the difference between submitting articles to content sites or submitting articles to article directories. These two method of article marketing are completely different, but which one is better?

Article Directory Submissions

An article directory is a site that contains multiple categories and multiple niches to submit your articles to. These are great for getting heard by a broad audience very willing to learn what you have to say. When a user is looking through an article directory they are commonly looking for a specific niche and specific article that will answer their question. So when writing for a directory you really want to be right on with the users needs, and be able to solve their problem within your article to give them the satisfaction of learning what they did from your article.


– Easy submission forms

– Easy access to your stats and what articles have been submitted.

– A reach to a huge audience ready to read your message.

– Most of the time it is easier to get your article approved and live on the internet.


– Audience can be to broad resulting in no traffic to your site.

– Depending on the directory it can be a while before you get approved.

– Personal contact can sometimes be a burden with article directories.

– Can’t build a relationship with the article directory.

Content Site Submissions

Content sites are a great place to look into submitting your articles. These are much more niche related and the audience is already interested in what you have to say because they are already on a site that is related to your niche. Traffic from these sites is very targeted and writing articles for them can get these users directly to your site in a short period of time. A great advantage of content sites is that they are not over saturated with articles so your chances of getting your article read is much higher. The biggest advantage to this is the CTR (Click Thru Rate) on your link in your author bio to your site is much higher than article directories.


– Greater response from the audience of the site your are submitting to.

– Very niche related.

– The potential traffic to your site is much greater.

– Users are eager to read the information you are providing.

– Able to create a relationship with the site owner for future JV opportunities.


– Article quality has to be outstanding.

– Article must be greater than 1000 words to be accepted (My Experience).

– You might have to pick up a phone and talk to someone personally.


So as you can see there are many advantages and disadvantages to both article directory and content site submissions. As you might have thought content site submissions are the way to go in my opinion. You really should do your research and get a good handle on your niche before submitting your content to content sites. When you first start out in a niche, unless you are already an expert, I would start with article directories to see what kind of response you get, then move to content sites. This is how I achieved success, but it really is all up to you. If you know your niche already fill free to jump right into content site submissions.

I really do think that content site submissions are the way to go if you want quality targeted traffic coming to your site. Don’t just take my word for it, go and apply these methods yourself and see the results. Have fun with this and get writing. Content is your best friend when it comes to internet marketing so get out there and take action.