Yesterday we hosted a webinar, How to Use Interactive Content in Campaigns, that covered some really powerful ways to get the most out of your content. As a relative newbie to B2B marketing, this webinar really opened my eyes on how to use interactive assets in a marketing campaign.

There are several steps to creating a strong, engaging campaign, and including interactive content is one step that will make all your efforts more effective.

You can use your large core assets and break them down into smaller, individual pieces. These pieces can be used in all sorts of different ways to make related, but new campaigns. It’s like LEGOS for marketers.

To understand how much variety you can get from one asset, you really need to understand content repurposing…

Content: Reduce. Reuse. Repurpose.

“What exactly is content repurposing?” you ask. An easy way to understand is through DIY (Do It Yourself) projects. If you’re like me and love Pinterest, then you have a list of DIY projects just waiting for your free time. One idea waiting in the queue is repurposing a set of drawers into a bookshelf. I’d be using the same set of drawers, just in a different format.

That’s what content repurposing is – using the same content, just in a different format. So when you write your next white paper or report you’ll be able to break down the key concepts and turn it into an eBook, webinar, blog post, and other assets.

This variety of assets can be used and spread out through different stages of the buyer’s journey.

Interactive Content in the Buyer’s Journey


The first stage of a buyer’s journey is Awareness. This is when you really need to capture their attention and let them know you exist.

Try more informative pieces of content during this stage and make them interactive with a survey or quiz. It’s a low key approach and you’re still providing buyers with enough information before they start to compare vendors.


Research, research, research. The Consideration stage is when your buyer is doing A LOT of research to narrow down the playing field. Pairing an assessment with another piece of content can gather more personalized information from your buyer and lead to a stronger conversation with the sales team.


Pardot says that the Purchase stage is the perfect time to get brand specific with your content. Buyers will be ready to make a decision and you’ll have to put your best content forward to get the sale. Include a calculator with a case-study and let buyers see the potential results of using your product.


I think my favorite thing about repurposing a piece of content like a white paper or report is that you have so many options to choose from once you break it down. You have all these options at your fingertips that will extend your campaign by weeks or months.

Not only that but, by including an interactive piece, you’ll also be able to keep your buyers engaged with fun activities that give you more information to seal the deal.

Learn more about improving your campaign asset life by watching the webinar!