Stand Out From The Crowd With This Counter-Intuitive Tip

Seems like everyone is into “content marketing” nowadays. Most treat the creation of content as just another “to do,” rather than an execution of a business building strategy. In other words, the mindset is often…

Get it done.

Hit “Publish.”

Get to the next one!

That’s especially true of most larger companies, where employees do their jobs, few driven by your – the solopreneur’s – kind of passion. Examine your niche and find the few who really do stand out.

All, with rare exception, are solopreneurs!

Winning solopreneurs are driven by love-of-niche but restricted by time. We can’t afford to just “put in the time” — we must make every hour count. So…

Only commit to writing new content when you know that you have something different or have a unique spin on something you haven’t seen elsewhere.

“Content” could be a new page or blog post, an issue of your newsletter, or social content that won’t just be “more of the same.”

  • First, get an idea.
  • Next, assemble an outline, adding research as needed. Some folks excel at writing a great piece at this point, but many more churn “more of the “same.” Take yours to the next level.
  • Write your polished article.

This is where your content must escalate from “me too” to “me only.”

The secret? Weigh the concept with this set of questions…

  • How do I make this impactful enough to dent my reader’s brain?
  • What’s the twist?
  • What will make it especially fun to read, useful to learn, or behavior-changing?
  • If it’s just another “decent” article, don’t publish. It’ll be forgotten within minutes in this gigantic sea of good content.
  • How do you take “just another piece of good content” to the next level?

Take a Break!

You’ve done the initial spadework. Put the piece aside for awhile. (Putting your feet up is optional. )

  • Ask yourself the right questions as you doze off (or do whatever you do to relax)…
  • What’s so great about this article?
  • How will it stand out from all the other good (but not stand-out) content?
  • How do I push it to the next level?

Clarity will either kill the idea as “common” or give you the angle you need. You’ll make it waaaaay better than if you’d moved straight into the writing. It’s so easy to get lost in write-write-write that you churn out “just OK.”

But no one becomes hugely successful with “just OK.”

It’s OK if you kill an idea (“What was I thinking?!”). Think of it this way.

Instead of losing the time you have put in so far (true!), you are saving time by not putting more into “me too” material. And you’re raising the average quality of what you do put out.

Bottom Line Takeaway?

Most online businesses, in the crazy rush to “publish and move on,” would read this tip and ignore it. They aren’t paid to be extraordinary.

For solopreneurs, this gives you a big advantage! So…

Make taking a break part of your new routine. Your content will hit a new level.

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