Staff blogging

Blogging is difficult. Finding the time, brainstorming ideas and, most importantly, maintaining a consistent approach to posting can lead many business owners to neglect this essential marketing tactic.

If that sounds familiar, you may have fallen into a common trap of trying to do it all yourself. Well, good news: you don’t have to!

Content marketing is huge. It represents the perfect opportunity for businesses to lessen their reliance on pay per click (PPC) advertising and instead generate more website hits from organic search listings whilst building a loyal following of soon-to-be punters.

Sounds complex? It doesn’t have to be. All you need is a little help from your friends in the office.

Let’s look at some ways to get your staff blogging.

Interview them

Short on blogging ideas? Why not pick a topic (a recent product update, perhaps) and interview two or three staff members on the subject. Get their angle on it and turn the interview into a blog post. Better still, video the interview and post that up, too.

Implement a monthly blog spot for staff

Your staff probably have a lot to say, so why not give each one the opportunity to contribute to a ‘monthly staff blog spot’? You’ll probably find one or two staff members who enjoy writing and who will jump at the chance. For those that need a little extra encouragement, read on…

Offer an incentive

Even if your staff do have a lot to say, they may feel nervous about doing so on the company blog. Reassure them that it is an open forum – within reason, of course – and that they won’t be judged on what they write. Better still, offer them an incentive for contributing. Something which is a small investment for the company but represents high value to the employee; a trip to the cinema, perhaps.

Get them working in teams

If you’re finding it difficult to get your staff blogging, suggest they do so in teams. A pairing is usually sufficient and, with two heads collaborating on one piece, you’ll start to see some impressive results. People will often let their guard down when they have another shoulder to lean on, so it’s a great way of breaking down the ‘I don’t want to write a blog post’ barrier.

Remind them they are capable of blogging

‘I can’t write, so you won’t want me contributing to the blog.’ I bet you’ve heard that retort plenty of times. In reality, some of the most prolific bloggers in the world aren’t super competent writers. They just have brilliant ideas, fascinating opinions and a good editor.

If your staff are worried about the quality of their written work, remind them of the above fact. What you want from them is what’s inside their head – grammar, spelling and the formatting of their posts can be fixed by you or the marketing team.

Your staff could be the key to realizing the latent potential of your dormant company blog. Get them involved today!

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