dosanddontsWhile many brands are successful in the way they develop and deliver content, many brands are still struggling with their content marketing strategy. Some companies employ shouting and spamming techniques to reach their audience while others provide interesting, relevant information that helps to build trust between the brand and the consumer.

So, what are the dos and don’ts of content marketing­­­­­­? Here are a few simple, yet helpful, tips that will help you create a clear and successful strategy.

DO: Educate and entertain.  Developing a content marketing strategy that contains nothing but boring and irrelevant content is the fastest way to lose your audience’s interest. Instead of putting users to sleep with content that wastes their time, provide striking and relevant information in the form of videos or Infographics.  The information provided can be anything from personal anecdotes of challenges your company faced to more general facts about your industry – such as new findings or opinions – presented in a captivating way.

DO: Stay up-to-date. With so much going on in the social media world, it can become difficult and often stressful to stay on top of news. However, being aware of the newest trends in your industry not only establishes you as an expert, but can help make your content marketing strategy relevant to the now.  Follow leaders in your industry on social networks, pay attention to your audience’s needs, and stay involved in communities related to your industry.

DO: Have an eye-catching design. This includes having everything from well-written copy to a well-designed website. Having high-quality design will increase your company’s value, further loyalty, build trust, and make the website visiting experience a positive one. Remember that though it may take some time to create the perfect design, a great website has both short and long-term positive effects and could be worth the time and investment.

DON’T: Focus on selling. There’s nothing worse than visiting a website or blog looking for information only to find­­­­ products shoved in your face. This is a great way to turn people off, as it makes them feel like you’re simply trying to generate sales. Instead of pushing product onto your visitors, push knowledge. By utilizing this approach, customers will feel like they’re the ones making the decision to buy your product instead of feeling pressured into it.

DON’T: Lie. This is perhaps one of the more obvious don’ts, yet marketers still falsely promote in hopes of gaining new sales. Lying about what your product or service can do not only strips you and your company of all credibility, but it can damage your reputation and hinder you from being successful in the long run. Content marketing involves building trust with your users. Like relationships, once that trust is gone, it can be extremely difficult, if not impossible, to rebuild it.

DON’T: Over-cram. You may be passionate about your product or service, but your design may suffer if you try over-cramming information. Use big, bold fonts sparingly and make your content pleasant to consume. You can still make all of the great points about your company, but in a sophisticated and easy-to-read way. Remember: quality surpasses quantity.

Having a memorable, enticing, and truthful content marketing strategy can help build your credibility, generate sales, and develop connections. Remember that it may take some trial-and-error to get it just right, and your strategy may change as your audience’s needs change.