Today, not only is hard for brands to create enough content to fuel digital and social channels but their content no longer performs as well as it used to.

Between declining trust in brands and Facebook changing their News Feed algorithm to give preferential treatment to ‘Friend content’ over brand content, marketers are struggling to achieve the reach that was attainable in the past.

Instead of paying Facebook for reach, marketers need to adopt new strategies that rely less on the platform and more on the people who love and support their brand – customer and employee advocates.

Brand advocates can help create more content that actually performs better. Content shared by advocates performs 10x better than content shared to paid channels and 7x better than then content in owned channels because people trust people they know over all other forms of advertising.

So, how can companies power their advocates to create more content? Check out these ideas below for creative solutions to get more content.

1. Send product samples. One of the easiest ways to get customers talking about your product is to send product samples. Customers can’t talk about products if they haven’t tried it. Have them take pictures of them using the product. Brands can also encourage advocates to do something unique with product like suggesting unique projects for a normal household item or encouraging advocates to create a recipe involving the product and take photos or videos of themselves.


2. Invite them to come in store. Get your advocates to share photos and stories about their in store shopping experience. One brand, invited their customers to come in store to view and try on their newest product line. Customers went in store and documented their shopping experience, took pictures of their favorite new items, which they shared with their friends on social channels.


3. Share exclusive behind the scenes footage. Never-before-seen footage and exclusive content is a great way to spark conversation around your brand and products. Plus, advocates are more likely to share this content because it’s unique and the exclusivity makes advocates feel closer to the brand.


For more ideas about how advocates can help companies create and distribute content, download our Advocates as Content Creators ebook.