Social Media Content Writing ConsolidationSocial media content writing is a specialty of ours at, and we have seen what works, as well as what doesn’t work.  One thing we’ve learned is that a significant key to successful content management is consolidation, and that means consolidation on multiple levels.

Jenny at Social Strategy1 writes an interesting piece on the pros and cons of consolidation here, pointing out that there are, in fact, some benefits to avoiding consolidation.  We agree this can be true for large business entities, but for small businesses, which often have less time and resources, this is not a realistic option.

The need for efficiency and organization in the area of social media content writing is undeniable for a small business, and it could mean the difference between successful marketing and hours upon hours of wasted money and man power.

Social Media Content Writing Consolidation for Efficiency

As with many words in the English language, there are multiple definitions for the word “consolidation.”  One definition, relative to content and marketing, is “to combine into a single, more effective whole.”  For social media content writing, this means ensuring that your content matches across various platforms.

By consolidating your social media content in this way, you are increasing the efficiency of your posts.  You are not forcing your audience to jump from one platform to the next, but rather, ensuring that all relevant information is easy and convenient for them to access, regardless of their chosen network.

Social Media Content Writing Consolidation for Strength

A second definition of “consolidation” is “to make something stronger or more solid,” and this is also incredibly relevant.  Consolidation will strengthen your marketing efforts by allowing for easy organization on your end, as well as solidarity of message for your external branding efforts.

When all of your social media content writing flows in alignment, the effect is quite wonderful.  All of your social media campaigns can work together in harmony this way, rather than creating additional problems due to a misplaced post or an overwhelmed audience.

Let us know how you feel about social media content writing consolidation.  Have you noticed the benefits of using this technique?  Comments are encouraged below!