SMB Content Marketing Success Guide (Infographic)

“Content marketing is the king of today’s marketing landscape”. You might have heard this phrase several times before already, yet most marketers cannot deny the fact that content marketing indeed plays a crucial role in the success of the biggest brands nowadays.

From Coca-Cola, Red Bull, Apple, and Nike, to GoPro, Disney, and Gatorade, almost all the biggest and most influential brands in today’s global economy are competing head-to-head against each using a variety of content marketing tactics just to win their target market.

Their success in the said approach has been monumental since they first implemented it. And their success only means that even you, as a start-up business owner, should leverage the potential of content marketing. This strategy might seem too daunting at first, but once you understood its methodology and the competitive edge that it can provide, you will surely realize why content marketing is the best way to grow your business these days.

Now that the mindset of a modern consumer has shifted from in-your-face marketing to relationship marketing, the need for this new approach has become more nuanced these days. From the stronger brand image, better customer-company relationship, new partnership opportunities and more qualified leads and paying customers, content marketing offers so much that you cannot simply ignore.

In summary, here are the key pointers from the infographic below from CJG Digital Marketing which presents the step by step process on how you can implement an effective content marketing strategy that will bring your business to newer heights this 2017 and beyond.

  1. Define your content marketing goals and objectives
  2. Identify your target audiences and build your buyer personas
  3. Create contents based on your target audience
  4. Promote contents with your target audience in mind
  5. Analyze and optimize

To know more, check out the infographic below:

Embedded from CJG Digital Marketing.