Are you planning some prospective freelance writing of late? Well, that’s fantastic since freelance writing assures an easy life where one is at the helm of his schedule, rates & is able to work for diverse clients. But all these are true if you are getting paid adequately since not all freelance writers out there are receiving satisfactory remuneration. To ensure a decent career in freelance writing, you would have to go out & get in touch with good-paying clients who can ensure a content working ambiance for you.

Here are the resources that will help you to achieve the best with your freelance writing business.

Professional presentation

A professional presentation of self is a primary step in fetching good-paying assignments. The most important thing here is to your own writer website which will serve as an identity portal for you before your prospective clients. The site will host writing samples, contact information as well as finished work & testimonials as the career progresses.

Here are tips on how to get your site fast at less or zero cost.

Join up with NAIWE – NAIWE (National Association of Independent Writers and Editors) extends a 99 USD annual membership which is accompanied by a hosted WP blog. Here you can utilize Pages function for creating bio & portfolio plus blogging. Most importantly, you would be getting all resources of pro writers’ support group for your site here. NAIWE acts as a wonderful promotional aide as the blog posts would be published in the support organization’s blogroll & would be usually retweeted by the association

Go for ZoomInfo– ZoomInfo would automatically compile data about everyone over the virtual world. The aspiring writer can claim his profile & then size it to include his bio, resume & other details. The bonus here is that as he secures the writing assignments, his article links should be posted automatically if they are published online.

Use LinkedIn profile– You have Behance plugin today which helps you to put your clips portfolio straight to LinkedIn & direct prospects towards the LI page.

Count on This site allows writers to create a visual portfolio (for free) where all the markets they write for earn a box- the size is determined by the amount of work they have performed for them.

Use free platform– There are free platforms like Yola or Weebly which are great aides in coming up with a simple website quick.

How to find support

Practicing writing in the vacuum is almost meaningless where you end up wasting a huge deal of time and mistakes are common as well. Undercharging is the most prominent problem here as you won’t be aware of prevailing rates. Thus, it’s smart to stay connected with other writers around who can help you with your queries and referred work.

NAIWE would serve as a great support group here and the list below notes about 5 other very potential support groups for you-

LI writer groups– There are a great number of writers on LI who are ready to chat for free & the largest group here is LI Editors and Writers.

Media Bistro– It’s another popular writer’s group online with live events, job board & more.

Freelance Success-It is an online networking group where you will meet up with freelancing professionals like writers or designers who can help you with referred work.

Freelance Writers Den– This is a learning & support community for the freelance writers which include many facilities like e-courses, live-training events every week, job board & more.

The support assistance can be both free and paid.

Getting the first clips

To ensure a good-paying assignment you have to forward your samples as the big guns don’t hire writers without looking at the published works. Thus, the primary thing for you is to get some clips that will serve as samples. Here are the strategies on how to get the first clips.

Try alternative press– There are several alt papers which are flexible with amateur writers. Go to AAN (Association of Alternative Newsmedia) where you can find information on alternative papers.

Consult near & dear ones Get in touch with a friend or cousin with his own business & volunteer to pen down some pages for a brochure or their site.

Nonprofits- Volunteer to write for local small charities, which in turn would act as your clip sample for prospective writing assignments in the near future.

Start looking for paid work

Here are some potential names where you can seek decently paid writing assignments-

Query letters– Linda Formichelli, who co-authored “The Renegade Writer” extends 10 successful query magazine letters to her blog subscribers.

Trade publications– Trade publications- there are trade publications like which offers data on several trade magazines and journals. Trades concentrate completely on a single industry – if you are backed by previous job experience in some particular field then you might locate a good trade publication which will be receptive towards your pitches.

Journalism Jobs– It’s a popular job board which lists several full-time & freelance writer openings.

Yahoo! Magazine Directory– Yahoo serves as a great compendium for magazine markets.

Custom publications– The custom publications are the newspaper and magazine inserts created by charities, governments, and businesses. These are usually managed by pro publisher & you will be able to locate custom publications via Custom Content Council industry group.

Resources on pitching & writing for government and business agencies

The Book of Lists– It is the annual compendium for fastest-growing and largest private and public companies in varied industry sectors.

The Well-Fed Writer– Authored by R. Bowerman, this is hailed as one among the best books with tips on how to come up as a commercial successful freelance writer.

Secrets of a Financial Writer– Penned by Mr. Bob Bly, it’s a great how-to guide for earning a 6-figure income in freelance writing.

AWAI Courses on Copywriting– these courses are great for learning sales copywriting which will fetch a whopping 6-figure income.

Finally, you have to market your writing skills to ensure prospective income end of the month. Some relevant promotional strategies here are cold calling, in-person networking, sending introduction & query letters, marketing emails & promotion of social media sites.