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Web content. So many people believe they (or a relative) can write it without paying for professional services. Then, many of these people find their websites delivering mediocre results, which makes them wonder what went wrong.

Are you wondering how to convince your clients to invest in content? Go through the following trends and developments – they will give you more information about the importance of professional content and why this kind of investment makes a lot of sense.

6 Reasons To Tell Your Clients To Invest in Content
Professionally-written, unique, optimized and engaging content is becoming the essential element for marketing and optimization success. Paying for content makes a lot of sense in the long run because of the spectacular benefits it delivers.

  1. Content is the King of Web Marketing!

Content has always been king but in the past, various other SEO elements played an important role in website search engine positioning. Backlinks (especially reciprocal links), keyword densities and excessive automation all simplified the optimization process. Today, these techniques are either dead or they belong to the list of endangered species.

Content has become the most crucial element for SEO success, especially after the launch of the Google Panda and Penguin updates. Today, the websites that have well-written content created for the needs of their audiences (rather than for search engines) are the ones that have the best ranking.

The value of content and its usability are currently affecting the optimization of websites. Professionals in the field are the ones who know what it takes to create posts and articles that will have a positive impact on search engine positioning. Paying for content is a much more efficient approach than learning through trial and error and losing a lot of time.

  1. The Establishment of a Brand Persona

Does a particular brand have some personality or is it 100 percent sterile? Content can be used to boost the audience’s emotional response and make a particular corporate identity much more attractive and relatable.

Content marketing has become one of the most important essentials for brand development. Make sure that your clients are aware of the fact and understand its implications clearly.

We’re currently experiencing a serious marketing reform. Audiences are already tired of straightforward, direct promotion. Instead, prospects want to build relationships with brands. Content gives these people something useful and intriguing. Investing in quality content means investing in a long-lasting relationship with prospects.

According to the results of Edelman’s Marketing Study, 90 percent of the consumers want brands to share content with them online. In addition, 70 percent of these consumers would like to learn about a brand via the content it shares rather than via traditional advertising.

The marketing voice is dependent on content creation, social media marketing and content curation efforts. Few businesses know how to accomplish all of these goals without relying on a professional. They are thus missing on a huge promotional opportunity that will result in loyal clientele establishment and revenue maximization opportunities.

  1. Content Generates Social Engagement

The effectiveness of social media marketing depends on the quality of the content that is being shared. Today’s audience is highly selective and people can distinguish easily between well-written, unique texts and the ones that were put together so that the website gets an update every now and then.

Sharing great content on a company’s social media pages creates a community. In addition, well-written content has the potential to go viral. The number of people willing to share such texts will be high, maximizing reach and enabling the business to address new prospects without having to work extra-hard on the task.

Creating more content and focusing on its appeal will create brand new social engagement opportunities for a brand. Social media marketing effectiveness and professional content go hand in hand. Accomplishing success in one without working on the other will produce rather mediocre results.

  1. It’s a Long-Term Investment in Brand Success

Investing in professional content is one of the most cost-efficient opportunities for building a brand, increasing its recognition and making it one of the most popular players in the particular industry.

Many major corporate players have already confirmed the fact that content is the key to brand popularity. Virgin Mobile, American Express, L’oréal and Marriott are just some of the internationally-acclaimed brands that have started working on professional content strategies for the web. These brands have invested in the creation of social newsrooms, the launch of content programs and social awareness initiatives that all target the engagement of their prospects and the creation of useful, targeted and relevant content.

Content creation is one of the most effective possibilities for demonstrating the brand’s social engagement and desire to build relationships with its prospects. The possibilities for doing targeting and giving the audience something particularly useful or entertaining are limitless. A professional in the field of content creation is the one who’ll know how to do the analysis and how to give prospects precisely what they’re looking for.

  1. Moving beyond SEO: The Dawn of Reputation Establishment

We’ve been moving steadily away from the era of traditional SEO. Online popularity today is all about reputation establishment and creating the right digital footprint. This strategy is much more comprehensive, thus more challenging to execute.

Online reputation establishment and management encompass a wide range of techniques. Steady, consistent and quality content creation lies in the heart of both. Experts in the field determine what the audience is looking for and they control information dissemination strictly. Nothing could be left to chance, when it comes to being successful in a highly competitive niche. A basic mistake or an amateurish decision can live a mark on the reputation establishment efforts, standing in the way of effective communication with prospects.

Establishing and managing digital information individually will be tremendously difficult, especially if company representatives have no background in the fields of content creation and marketing.

Reputation management necessitates a comprehensive approach. A professional writer will know how to come up with a series of posts or how to curate content in a targeted way that will attract a particular audience. Personal establishment is also connected to reputation establishment, which shows just how complex the approach will need to be.

  1. High ROI

Investing in digital content is one of the marketing strategies that will deliver the highest return on investment. Companies have to pay for content creation just once, they will continue reaping the benefits for years to come.

Professional content writing services are much more affordable (and much more effective) than traditional outbound marketing efforts. Even elite services are becoming readily accessible today.

In addition, professional content will have a cumulative effect on the marketing strategy. Each new piece added to the website or the blog will enhance the positioning and the appeal of the previous posts. Professional content is focused and targeted. Topics are chosen for a particular reason, creating a website that gives access to detailed information and know-how about a particular topic of interest.

Content affects search engine optimization, reputation establishment, social media marketing, public relations, the interactions with the audience and even the company’s revenue generation efforts. No other marketing technique can deliver the same results at the same price.

Professionally-Written Content is Necessary: BONUS Ways to Convince Customers

Are your clients still difficult to convince? Perhaps you should also share some of these facts with them:

  • Professionals in the field will write content that is especially tailored to the needs of a client. Many web content pieces have a generic, amateurish feel to them. The only way to escape from this trap involves hiring a professional who can understand the brand and its particular marketing needs.
  • Grammar-free writing, attention to detail: a professional in the world of content creation will notice every comma that’s out of place. This attention to detail sets market leaders apart. Error-free content shows the company’s desire to give its audience the best online experience. The audience will appreciate this commitment to perfection.
  • Professional content writing is time-saving. An individual that doesn’t have the training and the experience will need hours to put good content together. Outsourcing the task will free time for other tasks and responsibilities while a writer is taking care of the content strategy and its execution.
  • The final reason is a simple one – writing is much harder than many people believe it to be. Anyone who has ever sat down to write a blog post or an article will know how challenging it may be to get started and to pour all of those ideas in words. When it comes to writing content for the web and keeping SEO in mind, the task will become an even more challenging one.

The importance of content is undoubtedly much higher today than it has ever been. A number of business owners have already understood the advantages of hiring a professional writer and they are experiencing the benefits. Do your clients still feel skeptical about it? Spending a bit of time on describing the reasons and the benefits will probably be sufficient to change their attitude.