If time really is an issue and you want to get your point of view out in a quick and efficient manner to as wide an audience as possible, you should consider using video. Video is the most effective tool for humanising your Thought Leadership. People tend to buy off people they like and if they have never met you before, video is a great medium for allowing potential customers to look you in the eye, take your advice and decide whether or not they could do business with you.

I have worked with large-scale video production companies and also produced extremely low-cost video campaigns with nothing more sophisticated than a Flip video camera on top of a cheap tripod. Your approach will depend on your budget, the production values you desire, the strength of your message and the speed you hope to reach the market with your video.

Here are some ideas of what you might use video for.

Six Content Marketing Ideas to Commit to Video

  1. Customer success stories: Case studies are perhaps the easiest and most effective videos to make. Potential clients will be keen to see and hear how existing customers have benefited from using your services. If you don’t want to appear on camera yourself, customer success stories present an opportunity to stay behind the lens. Questions can be posed by title cards (just like in old fashioned silent movies) which can also be used to break up the footage and act as dividers between edits. Remember, you’ll never get three minutes of clean footage (and with a case study you won’t want much more than that), so plan to ask a lot of questions and be prepared to edit down.
  2. Product/service demonstrations: Sometimes it is far easier to show a potential customer what they can do with your product or service than try to explain in words.
  3. Product/service reviews: Casting a critical eye over the products and services that your customers might find useful will demonstrate your understanding of their industry and solidify your reputation.
  4. Public speaking/lectures: A great example of how you can extend the reach of and recycle your Thought Leadership. This is one situation where you cannot expect to turn up at an event and point a camcorder at the stage and come away with useable video – it will (and I defy you to prove me wrong) look awful. Events are best filmed using well-lit stages, multiple cameras and some heavy duty editing.
  5. Whiteboard presentations: A video blending the general concept of the product demonstration and public speaking video. This essentially places the Thought Leader and a whiteboard in front of a camera to freestyle a presentation and explain a particular concept.
  6. Vlogging: Taking the concept of blogging into the video age. This is essentially where you replace written blog posts with video posts. This will be particularly useful for people working in highly visual industries such as, but certainly not limited to, fashion, sport, entertainment, travel or real estate.