All of the current technologies out in the marketplace and around globe have transformed a great many things. One of the areas that has been impacted significantly by technology is education. What we have witnessed is the increase in distance education and adoption of massive open online courses (MOOCs).

A PR Newswire report by Transparency Market Research found the smart education and learning market (ASEAN) will grow at compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 19.7 percent over the years of 2016 and 2020. In addition, this market is expected to grow at $88.97 billion by 2020.

Evidently, this market is pivotal for businesses or providers to tap into. In the next sections will compare two popular platforms, which are Teacheable and Kajabi. Both offer similar services with creating and selling courses online, but the differences are covered in the subsequent sections.


What is boils down to when providing the ability to promote services is a platform that integrates features. It is one thing to have content and another to really combine it with nifty features to enhance the online learning.


Kajabi founded in 2009, is a platform that processes a lot for any organization. It contains all of the features to turn your knowledge and content into products you can truly sell. It provides product themes, fully mobile responsive interface and video hosting. In addition, it can quickly deliver an online class, and also tailors customization towards sales or marketing offering unlimited options.

Kajabi Features Screenshot


The venture-backed company, Teachable, found in 2009 offers similar yet different features. You can brand your school, set your custom domains, multi-language support and an easy website builder. This hosting platform comes with advanced HTML and CSS editing, multimedia lectures (video, image, text, audio and PDF files), and other learning tools.


Point For Features Goes To: Kajabi

While both companies offer competitive and similar efforts the advantage goes to Jajabi. Teachable has a robust platform to setup an online course, but you need a lot of assistance promoting or advertising those distance learning classes. Kajabi can in turn take both the content and knowledge into a marketable product which is why it wins in this category.


In this era unlike any other time it is about deliver actionable and relevant marketing. It is not enough to try and make generate a few leads. The platform should be about being able to take the information from an organization and make it easy to sell.


Kajabi claims to have all the features necessary to collecting and nurturing leads. You can create within a matter of minutes functional and beautiful landing pages. Furthermore, you can also choose from a number of landing page templates or just one that really suits your needs. You will have lead information stored on Kajabi’s platform, ability to send email broadcasts, and analytics.



The marketing is a slightly different for Teachable. They help content creators create coupons and promotions. In addition, you can sell content any way you prefer whether it is individual courses, a bundle, or an annual or monthly subscription. What is impressive they accept payments from over 130 international currencies – not to mention a great selection of optimized landing pages.

Teachable Marketing Screenshot

Point For Marketing Goes To: Kajabi

This is a very competitive and attractive comparison between both platforms. However, Kajabi offers an all-in-one system where you create a website, sell your digital products and grow your targeted group of customers.


When it comes down to finding the appropriate of pricing largely depends on the organization and available resources. Though the expenditure on a service is a return on investment (ROI) and a benefit in the long-term.


According to the company, Kajabi offers three pricing tiers that are the following: Basic ($103/month), Pro ($311/month) and the Premium ($719/month). The most popular pricing package out of the three is of course the Pro package provides these services: 100 products, 40,000 marketing emails per month, 5 Admin users, 10,000 active members, three sites, 0 percent transaction fee, drip content and more. It really will depend on organizational needs.

Kajabi Pricing Screenshot


Teachable on the other hand offers competitive prices. It offers four pricing tiers. They are as follows: Free ($0/month), Basic ($39/month), Professional ($99/month), High Volume ($299). This is includes no limits on usage and more than a handful of support options. You have access to full-ecommerce, student management and email, discussion forums, quizzing, custom domain, coupon codes and more.

Teachable Pricing Screenshot

Point For Pricing Goes To: Teachable

Both offer great services and varying services to get started, but Teachable offers the most affordable pricing. You have access to four different pricing and it really tailors to this emerging marketing for smart education and distance learning.

Security and Hosting

When looking for a service provider you should be thinking about if it’s a mutually beneficial partnership. Specifically, how it guarantees and safeguards sensitive information. It must have robust security to prevent common security threats and how it will mitigate it with technical support.


Kajabi has gained significant prominence in the marketplace. Not only is the technology easy-to-use you gain access to secure hosting, full scalability, data ownership, instant upgrades, multiple sites and data exports. This is paramount to have since you want to avoid outsourcing a separate security team and having to make sense of all of security standards.

Kajabi Hosting and Security Screenshot


The platform offers a wide array of services in this category. It offers seamless hosting, data ownership, instant upgrades, 2477 monitoring, SSL Certificate, stored payment data, etc. So not only is a platform that users can learn on the go, but can disregard of having to have a technical background or hire a separate provider to do this overseeing of hosting and security.

Teachable Security and Hosting Screenshot

Point for Hosting and Security Goes To: Tie

Both providers are excellent at excelling at security and hosting data. They offer protection and the peace of mind users or a business needs. Therefore, in this instance a draw has been declared because both offer really great security and hosting services.


For providers to succeed it is important they focus on support every single customer they have. Why? Everyone at the end of the day is crucial to your bottom line, and a bad experience can travel quite rapidly in today’s online world. Having a great support team and an engaged provider waiting to respond to customer issues is a fundamental way to build a good rapport.


The Kajabi platform has over 100 support documents with great illustrations and screenshots to walk through the process. You also have a great search option available so you can find exactly the support question or document that is pertinent to your inquiry. And the support team is available to take questions via email if you are still unable to resolve a problem.

Kajabi Support Screenshot


The Teachable platform comes in a similar presentation like Kajabi in regards to support. It has a built-in search option to find a topic or a relevant knowledge base document. The layout of the page is different since there are images in each of the support categories to illustrate the issue at hand. Easy to find the information, but hard to estimate how many support documents they have.

Teachable Support Screenshot

Point for Support Goes To: Kajabi

Kajabi and Teachable offer unique platforms. They have a deep understanding of their platforms and what are the complexities of the technology. In this scenario it is declared in favor of Kajabi because there is more autonomy using the tool and less reliance on their support team.

And Winner of this side-by-side is Kajabi

Takeaways and Conclusions

When comparing Kajabi and Teachable differences exist. Nevertheless, both offer extremely competitive advantages and users could be torn at trying to make up their mind when picking a platform.

Kajabi does have the edge since their features and marketing. It gives their core users the freedom to just focus on perfecting the content and the quality of the course.

Finally, at the end of the day you do not need to juggle between multiple tools to have a thriving online course or business. You just need Kajabi.