chasing moneyAs a writer, online marketer, or full time freelancer of any kind, it can be hard to get others to understand your value. Even though a company hired you, even though you’re providing a quality service, even though results are being seen (even minuscule ones), importance may not be understood. For whatever reason, companies still don’t see just how valuable Internet marketing can be – and because results are built, not seen overnight, it seems like an easy expense to cut.

But from the freelancing side, it’s important to protect yourself.

Companies responding with payment upon acceptance or “you can pitch this elsewhere if we don’t like it,” likely don’t have plans to pay. Unless you can fit into their impossible terms of perfect, that is. By setting up this statement early on, it’s a catchall cop out. No matter how many hours you spent on customized work, you won’t see a check. Sure they give you the option to keep it – but how many hours must be spent on finding a new host? And then, if one accepts, the content will likely need adjustments to meet their needs. Most of the time, this will take twice the effort for the same amount of money; you’re better off eating the time and moving on to a more reliable boss.

One could never tell a contractor they would be paid upon approval of work. Or that taxes would be fulfilled when the government agreed to allocate them in an approved manner. So why is this acceptable for freelancers?

B2B Communication Gaps

Oftentimes companies make these ridiculous claims due to legal protection. Managers might be happy to remove the restriction, or at least come up with a reasonable kill fee, just in case. But if they won’t budge or explain, it may not be a good fit. If a boss won’t make a case for the terms that affect their employees, why would anyone want to work for them?

However, to avoid content that won’t be accepted, for whatever reason, be sure to provide your best work – each and every time. And to ask plenty of questions. The better idea you have as to what the client wants, the easier it will be to create it. Then, be sure and follow up and offer adjustments to make the client as happy as possible. So long as the communication is open and flowing, neither side should have an issue – with results or payment.

Not every interaction will be a great fit, but over time, finding the right kind of companies will become easier. Start by learning which traits to avoid.