More than often people are confused over SEO and Content Marketing. This confusion starts from how content marketing and SEO bind together and continues to know can Content Marketing ever replace SEO? This article will discuss how Content Marketing and SEO come together and complementary to each other.

Treat SEO and Content Marketing as two people where SEO demands something and content marketing is the solution that fulfills their demands. How both of them are complementary to each other, here we go.

SEO wants content and Content Marketing is exactly that thing

Surely, there is no SEO without content as you need keywords, substance, articles etc. to put up SEO and Google too has mentioned numerous times that Content is the King. Now, the practical application of SEO comes with the content; it is the substance of content marketing as well.

SEO starts with keywords. Content marketing funds using keywords.

The synonym to SEO is Keywords; they are the fundamental component and each SEO team researches them, tracks them and place them in the website and its content for good ranks on the SERPs. Now where all these keywords are applied? Within the content! This is the task of content marketing where the keywords have to be implemented and utilized strategically throughout the content and funneled the practical research in to the sentences.

SEO and content marketing work in sweet harmony with each other, without stuffing too much of keywords into the content to get penalized.

SEO dreams of backlinks that redirect to your website in order to increase the traffic and revenues of the website and this is unleashed via stellar and powerful content marketing. Though there are numerous other ways to acquire quality backlinks, but the most prominent one is through publishing killer content and let the masses reach you!

You can build links by contracting with a link building agencies. Some are reputable, some not so much.

SEO demands Consistent Performing Outputs and Content Marketing relies on it

Google, the major search engine loves fresh content and that too with regular updates. SEO knows that fresh articles and content gets rapidly indexed and always gets registered in the top listing of the search results as lowered the low value content. Whenever fresh content appears on a website, it gets high authority over others.

This mean good SEO looks for consistent outputs. Consistent output here means regularly updated content demand which means content marketing. There is no other way to get ranks. This is continuously active process that you have to keep on doing without stop.


This discussion is endless as there is no definition of SEO but these pointers are enough to make the point clear that SEO and Content Marketing go hand in hand. SEO is actually about content and they are integrated. Both overlap and thus, you cannot think of replacing one with other.