Too many videos, not enough cohesion

Sometimes a company YouTube channel can have lots of videos, but not all of your video content is relevant to every visitor to your YouTube channel. Too many videos, especially with irrelevant content, can result in your user feeling overwhelmed and uninspired, and leaving your channel to search elsewhere.custom YouTube playlists

Creating custom YouTube playlists can help you focus your user on the content they are looking for

One solution to this problem is to create custom playlists in your YouTube channel. Your playlists can be divided up by content, purpose or even user segmentation, so that your users can easily find what they are looking for within your channel.
Custom playlists can help you to target your users better. For example, if you are a nutritionist with a YouTube channel full of videos featuring tips and recipes, you could divide your playlists according to your target users. You could have a playlist featuring pre and post-natal nutrition information, and another playlist featuring videos covering health for the 50+ age group.

YouTube playlists can benefit your SEO efforts

Segmented YouTube playlists also give you an SEO boost. You can add keywords and tags to each playlist, allowing you to rank highly for your chosen area. A gardener may have lots of videos with ideas on different flowers and plants for the garden, but by making playlists with titles like- “summer planting ideas” and “winter planting ideas” he gives his videos an extra SEO boost for these keywords. You can read more about this here.

Custom YouTube playlists can work for both big and small businesses

Segmenting online videos into playlists can benefit small businesses, but it can also be a great trick for larger companies with huge amounts of online video content. A global phenomenon like TV show X Factor USA has thousands of videos on its online channel. They use playlists to organize and segment their videos by show and contestant, but also by interest. Topics like “Demi Lovato’s girls” give them an extra SEO boost and help fans to find the exact video content they are looking for.

Why we’ve segmented our Viewbix YouTube content

Viewbix have created custom playlists in several categories on our YouTube channel. We’ve segmented our videos into YouTube playlists to make it easier for potential and current users to find exactly what they are looking for. Once you’ve segmented your You Tube channel to make it easier for users to find your video content, don’t forget to add apps and clickable calls to action onto your video to keep their focus and turn their interest into action.