Having a content marketing strategy is essential for any modern business. Not only do you need content on your website for SEO to be effective, you also need to prove to your customers that you’re an expert in your chosen industry. Content is essential on websites, on your social channels and everywhere else that people are likely to look.

You would think that preparing content would be a relatively safe activity; however as reported by the BBC, giants of the tech industry, Samsung, have apparently adopted a novel approach and, if the story is true, broken a few laws. The story goes that Samsung has paid students to write negative reviews about rival HTC.

Those interested in the technology and marketing will remember Apples famed ‘Apple vs PC’ campaign, or Microsoft’s ‘Scroogled’ campaign against Bing. But whilst these were clear marketing campaigns, aimed at taking swipes at rivals, the alleged activity of Samsung would almost certainly be illegal.

Reviews are a great resource if used properly. Google loves them, consumers love them, I love them. Reviews have an obvious place within many content marketing strategies as these are a great way of gaining text, for free, without writing it yourself. They also increase trust in your brand, demonstrate customer loyalty and help to sell products. However, the writing of fake reviews is clearly illegal.

Meanwhile, Samsung has used its social channels to issue an apology. As is typical of many online businesses, the social media channels are the first to feel the sentiments of the general public and extreme care is needed as the Samsung Taiwan Facebook page is already attracting complaints and disgust from consumers:


So the moral of the story: adopt an ethical content marketing strategy, obey the law and have your social channels on standby to try to help salvage your brand if it all goes wrong!