RSS Feed MeReally simple syndication or RSS Feeds are a mainstay for content curation and digital consumption. I need the news not just as an educational factor or to stay up to date on current events, but it is necessary component of the virtual assistant industry and for any business. Pushing RSS feeds to a news aggregator saves time from endless hours of revisiting websites, clicking, and research as it will populate desired content into one central location. It is all automatic. How simple is that?

Most websites do have RSS Feeds on their site to help share their content at a click of a button. This social share is very important with your audience helping them to freely distribute your information. Personally, I don’t care to provide my email address to overflow my inbox with newsletters and daily feed digests. I prefer Feedly or other aggregators to maintain and update my interests. It is meticulously organized by category and client, enabling me to sift through thousands of targeted articles, choose what I need and schedule social media content for my client base.

When I find a site that only offers the option of inputting my email, they have lost my attention. I receive enough digital dessert that there is always someone else I can find if you don’t have a feed.

Why should you have an RSS Feed on your site?

  1. Convenience
  2. Ease of distribution
  3. More returning visitors
  4. No barrier to subscribing

I love RSS Feeds as they simplify my life, content curation and digital candy to the central location of my choice. You can even create your own feeds for Twitter users or hashtags as well as almost any other searchable web content. Bruno Gebarski provides clear instructions on generating your own feeds for a variety of content and it is very easy to set up.

Make sure you have an RSS Feed on your blog or website to ensure your audience is able to be a part of your marketing channel. Is it visible? Easily found on your pages? Don’t miss out on opportunities by only offering an email opt-in to receive your updates. While building your email list is important, you also don’t want to alienate those who don’t want to provide their email address. Be available. Be accessible.

Feed your readers a healthy diet of your content at their convenience and comfort level.